Franklin and  Margaret Whitney



















Complied and written by Vivian Mall McMaster

May   2009










Dedicated to all the Loved Ones we have lost over the years.


You are still missed.


May your hearts be filled with sweet memories of  them.




Thanks to everyone for the information given to me in the compiling of this book.



Vivian McMaster












b. birth

d. death

m. married

(A) adopted

(D) divorced





Franklin Allen Whitney                                                      

b April 21, 1846 in Newark, IL                                                                            

d. March 1, 1934 in Sandwich, IL                                                                                           m. August 8, 1869 in Adrian, MO


                     father of    Franklin Allen Whitney


                                         James Harvey Whitney

                                         b. Aug. 4, 1808

                                         d. Jan. 1, 1896

                                        m. July 26, 1841 in Newark, IL


                    mother of    Franklin Allen Whitney


                                        Lucy Marie Southworth

                                        b. Sept.21, 1820 in Camden, N.Y.

                                        d. Dec.15, 1893 in Adrian, MI


Margaret Josephine Ramsey

b. February 20, 1854 in Cass County, MO

d. February 16, 1917 in Sandwich, IL


                    father of    Margaret Josephine Ramsey


                                       Obed Ramsey

                                       b. unk

                                       d.(while serving with the 119th Illinois Infantry in Civil War)


                   mother of    Margaret Josephine Ramsey


                                       Lizzie Cook

                                       b. unk

                                       d. in Bates Co., MO



















Children of Franklin and Margaret Whitney


          James F. Whitney

          b. November 17, 1870 in Crescent Hill, MO

          d. July 28, 1892 in Birmingham, AL



          Leaman E. Whitney

          b. September 1, 1874  in Crescent Hill, MO

          d. January 5, 1958 in Sandwich, IL



         Thirza  Marie Whitney

          b. September 15, 1876 in Adrian, MO

          d. November 19, 1940 in Sandwich, IL

          m. March 16, 1898 in Yorkville, IL

                        John Tour Francis

                        b. February 16, 1864 in Boston, MA

                        d. April 21, 1940 in Sandwich, IL



          Agnes Elenor Whitney

          b. April 27, 1878 in Adrian, MO

          d  April 16, 1942 in Los Angles, CA

          m. date unk

                         Henry Bressler

                         b. unk

                        d. unk

                         NO CHILDREN 



           Silas Arthur Whitney

           b. June 7, 1880 in Corong, KS

           d. January 5, 1954 in Aurora, IL

           m. February 3, 1904 in Aurora, IL

                          Olive Minnic

                           b. May 26, 1881 in Ickesburg, PA

                           d. October 8, 1944 in Aurora, IL







           Lucretia Whitney

           b. January 22, 1882 in Archie, MO

           d. September 28, 1952 in LosAngles, CA

           m December 29, 1926

                            Perry E. Fox

                            b. unk

                            d. June 15, 1939

            m(2) date unk  

                          George B. Sweet

                           b. unk

                           d. 1953

                           NO CHILDREN


           Ray Ramsey Whitney

           b. February 15, 1884 in Millington, IL

           d. March 1, 1951 in LosAngles, CA



           Marcus Obed Whitney

           b. March 29, 1886 in Millington, IL

           d. October 13, 1909 in Chicago, IL

           m. date unk

                            Carrie Cooper

                            b. November 5, 1879

                            d. May 13, 1909 (one week after giving birth to stillborn child)



            Ella Bernice Whitney

            b. August 31, 1888 in Millington, IL

            d. July 14, 1949 in Sandwich, IL

            m. October 10, 1906 in Ottawa, IL

                            Louis Edward Mall

                            b. August 13, 1882 in Beatrice, NE

                            d. November 10, 1959 in Sandwich, IL



           Delia Whitney

           b. March 26, 1890 in Millington, IL

           d. February 14, 1975 in Sandwich, IL

           m. November 22, 1916 in Yorkville, IL


                      Charles Dickson

                      b. 1882

                      d. May 31, 1921 in Elgin, IL

           m.(2) January 27, 1928 in Geneva, IL

                      Onno LeRoy “Roy” Means

                      b. July 23, 1883 in Newark, IL

                      d. Sept. 8, 1961 in Sandwich, IL






































Thirza Marie and John Tour Francis


Children of John Tour and Thirza Marie( Whitney) Francis


   William Vangro Francis

   b. December 25, 1902 in Chicago, IL   ( Adopted)

   d.January 26, 1980 in Sandwich, IL 

   m. September 8, 1924 in Crown Point, IN

                Dorothy Humiston (a twin)

                b. August 20, 1902 in Sandwich, IL

                d. November 14, 1977 in Sandwich, IL




  Alice Katherine Shonts ( reared by John and Thirza as a daughter, although not legally       

  b. November 11, 1908                                                                       adopted)

  d. _1995_____

  m. November 28, 1928

                 Clarence Frank Wilson

                  b. February 14, 1901

                  d. March 1961

  m. (2) October 26, 1963

                  Malcom Barrows

                  b. February 14, 1905

                  d. _1984___
























Children of William Vangro and Dorothy (Humiston) Francis




   Phyllis Rae Francis

    b. June 24, 1925 in Sandwich, IL

    m. November 30, 1946 in Sandwich, IL

                  Deane Ellsworth Reding

                  b. December 8, 1924 in Sandwich, IL

                  d. April 16, 1993 in Leland, IL



    Marilyn Jean Francis

    b. August 16, 1930 in Sandwich, IL

    res. Grand Junction, CO

    m. December 23, 1954

                    George Renken

                     b. February 15, 1926



. Peggy Lou Francis

    b. October 4, 1936 in Sandwich, IL

    m. June 16, 1956 in Sandwich, IL

                     Sheldon Devereaux

                     b. August 21, 1936 in Kendall County, IL
























Children of  Phyllis Rae  and Deane Reding





      Karyn Ann Reding

               b. September 17, 1947 in Sandwich, IL

               m. September 6, 1969 in Leland, IL

                     Greg Grandgeorge

                      b. April 24, 1948 in Sandwich, IL


                            children of Karyn and Greg Grandgeorge


                            Aarran Christopher Grandgeorge

                            b. July 5, 1975 in Sandwich, IL

                            m. June 19__ in Sandwich, IL

                                   Diane Hart Wig

                                   b. June 21, 1976 in Sandwich, IL


                                          children of Aarron and Diane Grandgeorge


                                          Regan Grandgeoorge

                                          b. Jan. 15, 2004 in Aurora, IL


                                           Lance Grandgeorge

                                           b. Nov. 4, 2005 in Aurora, IL




                          Chad Allen Grandgeorge

                           b. July 10, 1979 in Sandwich IL

                           m. Sept. 13, 2008 in Somonauk, IL

                                   Renee Meyer

                                   b. Dec. 4, 1979 in Aurora, IL















Children of Phyllis and Deane Reding (cont.)




          Gary Reding

           b.  August 29, 1949 in Sandwich, IL

           m. September 1975 in DeKalb, IL

                      Barbara Zapp

                      b. Oct. 26, 1947 in Chicago, IL


                               children of Gary and Barbara Reding


                               Jennefer Lynn Reding

                               b. Sept. 9, 1978 in Wood River, IL

                               m. Oct. 11, 2003 in Rockton, IL

                                         Jade Bader

                                         b. Feb. 24, 1978 in Rockford, IL


                                                  Children of Jennefer and Jade Bader


                                                   Karsin Bader

                                                    b. Dec. 4, 2004 in Rockford, IL


                                                    Sophie Bader

                                                    b. Oct. 30, 2008 in Rockford, IL




                                Ian Reding

                                b. Aug. 13, 1980 in Wood River, IL.

                                m. Dec. 10, 2006 in Rockton, IL

                                        Tiffany Hulsey

                                         b. Aug. 30, 1980 in Torrence, CA
















children of  Peggy and Sheldon Devereux



   Jeffrey Allen Devereaux

    b. May 14, 1958 in Joliet, IL

    m. May 19, 1984 in Greenfield, IA

              Marilea Johnston

              b. August 21, --  in ---


                          children of Jeffrey and Marilea Devereux


                         Morgan Lea Devereaux

                         b. July 21, 1986 in Newton, IA


                        Lauren Marie Devereaux

                         b. August 28, 1988 in Des Moines, IA


                        Clinton Cory Devereaux

                         b. March 9, 1992 in Des Moines, IA




   Lorrie Jo Devereux

    b. February 2, 1961 in Muscatine, IA

    m. December 29, 1984 in Winterset, IA

              Gerron Drake

              b. December 7, 1953/54 in Winterset, IA


                          children of Lorrie and Gerron Drake


                          Donnie Ray Drake

                          b. December 5, 1987 in –


                          Kelly Lucretia Drake

                          b. August 27, 1988 in –


                          stepchild of Lorrie and child of Gerron Drake. 


                          David Drake

                          b. April 26, 1970 in --























Chapter   III






















Silas Arthur and Olive Whitney


                                 Children of Silas Arthur and Olive Whitney


    Louise Margarett Whitney

    b. February 12/13 1907 in Sandwich Township, IL

    d. Oct. 7, 1986/88

    m. September 26, 1925 in Aurora, IL.

            William Herman Stredde

             b. August 23, 1901 in Eola, IL.

             d. November 3, 1978 in Aurora, IL



    David Franklin Whitney

     b. October 6, 1910 in Leland, IL

     d. February 18,1976 in Aurora, IL

     m. date unk

              Lorraine Alma Oeser

              b. December 12, 1920

              d. unk




     Ethel Lucretia Whitney

     b. May 9, 1912 in Waterman, IL unk

     m. July 23, 1938 in Shelbyville, MO

               Clarence Kirk

                b. July 8, 1906 in Naperville, IL

                d. unk



     Lucille June Whitney

     b. June 9, 1918 Kaneville, IL

     d. Aug. 23, 1999 in Lyle, IL

     m. January 16, 1938 in Naperville, IL

                Leo Michael Bermes

                b.July 15, 1916 in Naperville, IL

                d. June 18, 1944 in Naperville, IL

      m. (2) December 31, 1943       (D)

                 Robert C.  Gihle


                 d. Phoenix, AZ

       m. (3) date unk                    (D)

                  Robert C. Landis

                  b. unk

                  d. Naperville, IL


Children of William Herman and Louise Margarett (Whitney) Stredde



   Marie Louise Stredde

    b. June 24, 1926 in Aurora, IL

    m. October 13, 1945 in Aurora, IL     (D)

             James Warren McLean

             b. November 23, 1926 in Zanesville, Ohio

     m.(2) November 20, 1970 in Geneva, IL

               Robert W.  Schrock

                b. November 21, 1919 in Saginaw, MI




   William Herman Stredde, Jr.

    b. March 28, 1929 in Aurora, IL

    d. June 7, 1998 in Denver, CO

    m. April 21, yr, unk

                Baja Irene Jones

                b. Aug. 13, 1914

                d. Oct. 29, 1989 in Denver, CO




      Irene Olive Stredde

       b. July 6. 1932 in Aurora, IL

       m. January 9, 1949

                 George Allen Weimer, Jr

                  b. April 27, 1929

                  d. March 5, 1989 in Aurora, IL



















Children of James Warren and Marie Louise (Stredde) McLean


    James Warren McLean, Jr.

     b. July 19,1946 in Aurora, IL

     m. Aug.,1966 in Aurora, IL


                 b. June 23, 1947 in Aurora, IL


                        children of James Warren and Pamela McLean


                       Ryan J. McLean (twin)

                       b. Sept. 1, 1973 in Aurora, IL

                       m. date unk


                                  b. Feb. 1976


                                        children of Ryan and Jamie McLean


                                        Lucy McLean

                                        b. Jan. 7, 2005 in OH


                                        Grant James McLean

                                         b. Jan. 11, 2008 in OH


                       Russell J. McLean (twin)

                       b. Sept. 1, 1973 in Aurora, IL



    Michael John McLean

     b. May 15, 1951 in Aurora, IL

     m. Mar. 14, 1982         (D)


          b. Aug. 16,

          d. date unk


                          children of Michael and Joanne McLean


                          Bridget Anna McLean

                          b. Nov. 8, 1982 in Clearwater, FL










Stepchildren of Marie and children of Robert W. Schrock


       Lee W. Schrock

       b. Sept. 30, 1949 in Dearborn, MI

        m. date unk


                 b. unk


                         children of Lee and Susan Schrock







         Robert L. Schrock

         b. Oct. 15, 1952 in AZ

         m. date unk



                          children of Robert and Michele Schrock


                        Christopher Paul Schrock

                         b. Aug. 3, 1973


                         Robert L. Schrock, Jr.

                          b. Nov. 27, 1974






















Children of William Herman, Jr. and Baja Stredde



    William Herman Stredde, II

     b. May 9, 1952 in Aurora, IL

     m. unk

            Marcia Kothlow

            b. March, 1951


                      children of William and Marcia Stredde


                      Milissa Ann








     Deborah Louise Stredde

     b.April 1, 1955 in Aurora, IL

     m. Jan. 28, 1978

           Mitchell Puttroff

           b. June 14, 1955


                           children of Deborah and Mitchell Puttroff


                        Mitchell Ward Puttroff II

                         b. Aug. 18, 1978 in Denver, CO



                                          Child of Mitchell Ward Puttroff II and ____


                                            Darrick William Puttroff

                                            April 6, 1983 in Denver, CO



Stepchildren of William and children of Baja Stredde


                        Patricia Langraf

                        John William McClure

                        Thomas McClure

                        Baja Irene Page (Jan,14)

                        Mary Elizabeth Montoya (May 10)





Children of Irene Olive and George Allen Weimer


  . George Allen Weimer, III

     b. October 6, 1949 in Aurora, IL

     m. June 6, 1969    (D- no children)

             Marcia Jean Burg

             b. unk

     m. (2) Oct. 5, 1973 in Maryville, TN

             Alice Jane Gamble

              b. March 11, 1950 IN Maryville, TN


                                 children of George Allen III and Alice Jane Weimer


                                George Allen Weimer, IV

                                 b. Feb. 8, 1976 in Maryville, TN


                                 Jonathan Kirt Weimer

                                 b. March 13, 1981 in Maryville, TN

                                 m. May 6, 2006 in TN

                                            Suzanna Elizabeth LaMotte

                                            b. July 3, 1983 in Dallas, TX



       Charles Martin Weimer

       b. Nov. 6, 1952 in Camp Cook, Ca

       d. March 3, 1953 in Aurora, IL



      Carol Irene Weimer

      b. Feb. 12, 1954 in Aurora, IL

      m. June 17,1972 in Aurora, IL   (D)

               Rick Michael Hayden

               b. Oct. 5, 1952 in Savanna, IL
















Children of Carol Irene and Rick Michael Hayden

                           Aaron Todd Hayden

                           b. Aug. 22, 1975 in Aurora, IL

                           m. May 31, 1997 in Aurora, IL

                                  Jennifer Ann Keldie

                                   b. May 29, 1986 in Aurora, IL


                                        children of Aaron Todd and Jennifer Ann Hayden


                                        Baylee Emma Hayden

                                         b. Aug.26, 1998 in Aurora, IL


                                        McKenna Erin Hayden

                                         b. Aug. 22, 2000 in Aurora, IL


                                        Kendall Elizabeth Hayden

                                         b. July 17, 2003 in Aurora, IL


                         Kelly Lynn Hayden

                         b. June 22, 1978 in Aurora, IL

                         m. Dec.20, 2003 in Aurora, IL

                                  Bradley James Haymond

                                  b. May 12, 1978 in Aurora, IL


                                         children of Kelly Lynn and Bradley James Haymond


                                         Owen Bradley Haymond

                                          b. Feb. 15, 2007 in Aurora, IL


                         Ralph Dennis Weimer

                         b. Oct. 3, 1956 in Aurora, IL

                         m. Oct. 7, 1977 in Aurora, IL

                                  Jodeen Marie Albright

                                  b. Oct. 9, 1955 in Aurora, IL


                                        children of  Ralph Dennis and Jodeen Marie Weimer


                                        Patrick Dennis Weimer

                                        b. May 19, 1979 in Aurora, IL


                                        David Allen Weimer

                                        b. July 1, 1980 in Aurora, IL


                                       stepchildren of Ralph and children of Joleen Weimer

                                       Shawn Michael Albright

                                       b. June 18, 1974 in Aurora ,IL

                                       Jaime Lynn Albright

                                       b. Jan. 16, 1976 in Aurora, IL


Children of David Franklin and Lorraine Alma (Oeser) Whitney



    Gerald Albert Whitney

     b. January 21, 1942 in Aurora, IL

     m. September 14, 1963 in Aurora, IL

            Virginia Marie VanDeventer

             b. February 6, 1942 in Aurora, IL


   Judith Ann Whitney

    b. July 18, 1944

    m. 1960

            David Flatt




    Janice Lee Whitney

    b. October 9, 1948 in Aurora, IL

    m. November 12, 1966 in Aurora, IL

             James Harrison Zimmerman

             b. September 27, 1947 in Aurora, IL



   . David Franklin Whitney, Jr.

    b. October 6, 1952




     Debra Jean Whitney

     b. October 2, 1955 in Aurora, IL

     m. Jan. 1974

           George Gus Billos

            b. April 24, 1949 in East, IN

     m.(2) June 26, 1976


              b. date unk












Children of Clarence and Ethel Lucretia( Whitney) Kirk



1. David Fredrick Kirk

     b. January 7, 1944 in Aurora, IL

     m. date unk

           Gayle Lytel

           b. unk









































Children of Leo Michael and Lucille June (Whitney) Bermes


    Carol Ann Bermes

     b. July 10, 1940 in Aurora, IL  

     m. December 4, 1958 , in Aurora, IL    (D)

           James J. Moyer

           b. Sept. 7, 1935 in Aurora, IL


                                 children of Carol Ann and James J. Moyer


                             Marcy Moyer

                             b. Aug. 29, 1962 in Aurora, IL

                             m in Aurora, IL       (D)

                                    Steven Larson



                                              children of Marcy and Steven Larson


                                              Stephen Larson

                                              b. Oct.2, 1984 in Aurora, IL


                                              Adam Larson

                                               b. Mar. 17, 1986 in Aurora, IL


                                               Eric D. Larson

                                               b. Oct. 19, 1989 in Aurora, IL


    Peggy Sue Ann Bermes

    b. April 18, 1942 in Aurora, IL

    m. Jan. 30, 1959                (D)

          Bobby R.  Hobbs

          b. Aug. 6, 1938 in Golconda, IL

          partner: __ Schlieter


                             children of Peggy Sue and Bobby Hobbs


                            Christine M. Hobbs

                             b. April 30, 1961 in Naperville, IL


                             Julie Hobbs

                             b. Dec. 6, 1963 in Naperville, IL


                             Anthony D. Hobbs

                              b.May 9, 1967 in Naperville, IL


                              Child of Peggy Sue Hobbs and __Schlieter

                              Allen M Schlieter

                               b. June 16, 1980




Children of Robert and Lucille June (Whitney) Gihle



    Robert C. Gihle

    b. March 5, 1947 in Aurora, IL

    m. Nov. 10,1973

           Janet Kleir

           b. unk




    Geoff W. Gihle

     b.February 29, 1956 in Aurora, IL

     m. Oct.25, 1975

           Kathy LaMoire

           b. unk



    Darlene M. Gihle

     b. February 9, 1958 in Aurora, IL

     m. date unk

          ___ Bermeister



































Chapter IV












Ella Bernice (Whitney) and Louis Edward Mall


Children of Louis Edward and Ella Bernice (Whitney) Mall


  Izetta Bernice Mall

  b. April 18, 1908 in Northville Township, IL

  d. June 8, 1981 in Sandwich, IL

  m. July29, 1926 in Ottawa, IL

          Harry Elias Hanson

          b. May 19, 1893 in Leland, IL

          d. March 8, 1970 in Woodstock, IL




    Franklin Louis Mall

    b. March 8, 1910 in Northville Township. IL

    d. November 22, 1980 in Sandwich, IL

    m. June 23, 1933 in De Kalb County, IL


          Margaret Wilhemia Klotz

          b. September 22, 1908 in De Kalb County, IL

          d. September 10, 2005 in Sandwich, IL




    Margaret Crete Mall

    b. September 2, 1913 in Squaw Grove Township, IL

    d. July 27, 1990 in Aurora, IL

    m. December 2, 1932 in Crown Point, IN


          Paul William Reinhart

          b. July 3, 1911 in Millbrook, IL

          d. December 13, 1997 in Maywood, IL




   Charles William Mall

    b August 27, 1916 in Sandwich, IL

    d. January 23, 1983 in Sandwich, IL

    m. February 12, 1937 in Morris, IL


          Luella January Baie

          b. January 11, 1917 in Hinckley, IL

          d. July 28, 1999 in Aurora, IL





Children of Ella Bernice and Louis Edward Mall (cont.)


   Luella Marie Mall

    b. March 10, 1920 in Sandwich, IL

    d. July 16, 2005 in Belvidere, IL

    m. November 22, 1946 in Crawfordsville, IN


          Jacque Edmond Waite

          b. November 10, 1921 in Aurora, IL

          d. September 27, 1989 in Rockford, IL




   Vivian Mall

    b. May 27, 1930 in Sandwich, IL (twin)

    m. June 15, 1946 in Sandwich, L


          James Robert McMaster

          b. February 10, 1927 in Somonauk Township, IL

    d. May 27, 2001 in Prophetstown, IL




   Verian Mall

    b. May 27, 1930 in Sandwich, IL (twin)

    m. August 10. 1946 in Sandwich, IL   (D)


           Norman DuWayne Johnson

           b. February 12, 1930 in Plateville, IL

           d. July 4, 1961 in IN


    m. (2) March 26, 1948 in KY        (D)


           Duell Warren

           b. December 26, 1925 in KY

           d. December 23, 1952 in KY




    m. (3) April 11, 1953 in Sandwich, IL   


           William Eugene Cassell

           b. October 5, 1927, in Galesburg, IL

           d. July 27, 1993 in Sandwich, IL





Children of Izetta Bernice and Harry Elias Hanson



    Robert Allen Hanson

     b. February 1, 1939 in Peoria, IL          (Adopted)

     m. Jan. 20, 1965 in Crystal Lake, IL

               Betty (Twink) Ann Brown

               b. August 31, 1941 in Madison, WI

     m. (2) May 22, 1987 in Rhinelander, WI

               Cheryl Ann Draeger Orgeman

                b. October 3, 1951 in Shawano, WI




    Wayne Keith Hanson                             (Adopted)

     b. March 27, 1945 in Aurora, IL

     m. September 5, 1966 in Sandwich, IL   (D)

             Jean Marie Hutchison

             b. August 3, 1948 in Sandwich, IL

     m.(2) February 18, 1978 in Aurora, IL   (D)

              Peggy Renton

              b. unk



























Children of Robert Allen and Betty Ann Hanson



    Kathryn Jane Hanson

    b. October 19, 1968 in McHenry, IL

    m. September 1991 in Rhinelander, WI (D)

           Tom Bleak


    m. (2) Feb. 12, 2005 in Atlanta, GA

           Arjomand Rahimzadeh

            b. March 20, 1962 in Iran


               Stepchildren of Kathryn Jane and children of Arjomand Rahimzadeh


                Keyan Rahimzadeh

                b. Jan. 21, 1988


                Daryan Rahimzadeh

                b. July 22, 1990


                Sara Rahimzadeh

                 b. Sept. 23, 1995




    Matthew Craig Hanson

    b. November 14, 1969 in Philadelphia, PA

    m. (partner)

           JoJo Mcosker

            b. unk


             children of Matthew Hanson and JoJo Mcosker


              Taylor Hanson

               b. Aug. 22, 1993


              Levi Oliver  Hanson

               b. Feb. 16, 1999



    Joshua Ronald Hanson

    b. June 6, 1974 in Arlington Heights, IL







  Stepchildren of Robert and children of Cheryl Ann Hanson


   William Teague Orgeman  (twin)

     b. January 7, 1981

     m. Aug. 9, 2008 in Minneapolis, MN

            Amanda Noonan Heyman

             b. Nov. 11, 1981 in Washington, D.C.                        



     Keely Ann Orgeman  (twin)

     b. January 7, 1981






































Children of Wayne Keith and Jean Marie Hutchison Hanson



    Jeffery Benjamin Hanson

    b. January 7, 1968 in Mesa, CA

    m. Aug. 5, 2000 in Las Vegas, NV

            Tracy Leigh Schumaker Encinas

             b. Feb. 19, 1974 in Watseka, IL


               child of Jeffery and Tracy Hanson


               Rowan Jeffery Hanson

               b. Feb. 22, 2005 in Sandwich, IL


               Stepchildren of Jeffery and children of Tracy Hanson

               Andrea Lee Encinas

                b. July 26, 1994 in Winfield, IL


               Mariah Renee Encinas

               b. Feb. 22, 1996 in Winfield, IL





   Peter Franklin Hanson

   b. December 26, 1970 in Sandwich, IL

   m. February 9, 1996 in Rolling Meadow, IL

           Jennifer Belle Graber

           b. November 21, 1971 in Park Ridge, IL


              Children of Peter Franklin and Jennifer Belle Graber Hanson


            . Jacob Ryan Hanson

              b. July 24, 1996 in Park Ridge, IL


              Max Hunter Hanson

              b. February 12, 1999 in Geneva, IL












Children of Franklin Louis and Margaret Wilhelmia Klotz Mall


 Gerald Louis Mall

  b .September 13, 1934 in Sandwich, IL

  m. April 6, 1954 in Sandwich, IL

           Adelane Jean Fredrick

            b. October 24, 1936 in LaSalle, IL




   Patricia Ann Mall

   b. Nov. 27, 1935 in Sandwich, IL

   m. Dec. 12,  1954 in Sandwich, IL

             Ronald Dean Wallis

             b. June 19, 1934 in Sandwich, IL


































Children of Gerald Louis and A. Jean Mall


            Doug John Mall

            b. Sept. 26, 1954 in Sandwich, IL

            m. May 8, 1976 in Sandwich, IL

                    Marcia Lea Carlson

                    b. Aug. 20, 1954 in Sandwich, IL


                        children of Douglas and Marcia Mall


                        Daniel John Mall

                        b. Aug.16,1979 in Sandwich, IL

                        m. Aug. 2008 in Chapel Hill, NC

                               Anna Knaus




                        Cristen Lea Mall

                         b. Jan. 1, 1982 in Sandwich, IL



           Gay Lynn Mall

           b. March 22, 1957 in Sandwich, IL

           m. Sept. 25, 1982 in Sandwich, IL

                   Wayne Morris Ash

                    b. Feb. 24, 1953 in Morris, MI


                    children of Gay Lynn and Wayne Morris Ash


                    Joel Bradley Ash

                    b. March 3, 1983 in Sandwich, IL


                    Sarah Jean Mall

                     b. Feb. 13, 1986 in Sandwich, IL















Children of Gerald Louis and A, Jean Mall (cont.)


         Lawrence Gene Mall

         b. Oct. 2, 1958 in Sandwich, IL

         m. May 28, 1983 in Sandwich, IL  (D)

                  Jane Elizabeth Waldrop

                  b. Jan. 16, 1963 in Aurora, IL

         m. (2) June 28, 2003 in Sycamore, IL

                  Denise Diane Yack Dickson

                  b. Feb. 5, 1969 in Rochelle, IL


                    Children of Lawrence Gene and Jane Elizabeth Mall


                    Megan Lee Mall

                     b. Dec. 20, 1985 in Sandwich, IL


                    Amanda Marie Mall

                     b. March, 2, 1989 in Sandwich, IL


                    Stepchildren of Lawrence and children of Denise Mall


                    Derek Dickson

                    b. Feb. 25, 1990


                   Ariel Dickson

                    b. 1991


                    Edward Dickson

                    b. 1993





















Children of Patricia Ann and Ronald Dean Wallis


                     Kevin Lou Wallis

                     b. Nov. 27, 1954 in Sandwich, IL

                     d. Oct. 25, 1978 in De Kalb Co., IL

                     m. Feb. 14, 1976 in Rollo, IL

                             Rita Rhea

                             b. July 29, 1948 in Mendota, IL


                                 child of Kevin and Rita Wallis


                                 Jeremiah Ambrose Wallis

                                 b. July 21, 1976 in Mendota, IL


                                  Stepchild of Kevin and child of Rita Wallis


                                  Christopher Ashley Rhea

                                   b. June 11, 1970 in Mattoon, IL


                        Kendyl Gene Wallis

                        b. April 2, 1956 in Sandwich, IL

                        m. March 9, 1976 in Sumpter, SC  (D)

                               Cindy Lou Flowers

                               b. Sept. 8, 1959 in Effingham, IL


                                  children of Kendyl and Cindy Wallis


                                  Ryan Gene Wallis

                                  b. Feb. 11, 1977 in Sandwich, Il

                                  m. June 4, 2004 in Sandwich, IL

                                         Rachael Adkins

                                         b. Aug. 29, 1983 in Sandwich, IL


                                            child of Ryan and Rachael Wallis


                                           Sadie Marie Wallis

                                           b. June 20, 2008 in Aurora, IL


                                  Jason David Wallis

                                  b. Nov. 29, 1978 in Sandwich, IL

                                  m. March 1, 2008 in Hickory, NC

                                          Dawn Anderson

                                          b. May 2, 1981 in Lenoir, N.C.





Children of Patricia Ann and Ronald Dean Wallis (cont.)



                          Kyle Wallis

                          b. July 9, 1957 in  Sandwich, IL

                          m. May 9, 1981 in Sandwich, IL

                                  Bonnie Kay Keller

                                  b. Dec. 9, 1959 in Harvard, IL


                                      child of Kyle and Bonnie Wallis


                                      Ashley Nicole Wallis

                                      b. July 4, 1987 in De Kalb, IL

                                      partner: Robert Kordick

                                      b. April 27, 1983 in Naperville, IL


                                          child of Ashley Wallis and Robert Kordick


                                          Sophia Nicole Kordick

                                          b. April 8, 2008 in Sandwich, IL










                     Karl Wallis

                     b. March 23, 1959 in Sandwich, IL




















Children of Margaret Crete and Paul William Reinhart


Bonita Lou Reinhart

b. Aug.27,1936 in Sandwich, IL

m. May 29,1954 in Somonauk, IL   (D)

        Robert Earl Butler

        b. April 2, 1930 in Clinton Twp, De Kalb Co, IL

        d. April 1, 2000 in Wilson Twp, MI







       William Louis Reinhart

        b. Jan.19, 1940 in Sandwich, IL

































Children of Bonita Lou and Robert Earl Butler


            Jeffery Allen Butler (Twin)

            b. Dec. 14, 1954 in Sandwich, IL

            m. May 17, 1975 in Plano, IL(D)

                    Beverly Jean Simmons

                    b. July 24, 1957 in Plano, IL

            m.(2) Dec. 12,1981 (D)

                     Sharon Lynn Briggs Harper

                     b. June 4, 1948 in Hinsdale, IL


                         Children of Jeffery Allen and Sharon Lynn Butler


                          Elizabeth Ann Butler  (A)

                          b. Nov. 12, 1969 in Aurora, IL

                          m. Dec. 31, 1988 in Newark, IL (D)

                                  Ronald Inman

                                  b. April 26,(yr unk)

                          m.(2) Mar. 14, 1992 in Newark, IL

                                  Steven Thompson

                                  b. Oct. 24, (yr unk)

                          m.(3) July 5, 1996 in Niagara Falls, NY

                                   Brian Eugene Mossberger

                                   b. Sept. 17, 1962 in Joliet, IL  (D)

                          m. (4) date unk

                                    Dave Argenta

                                    b. unk

                                        Children of Elizabeth and Ronald Inman


                                        Nickolas Allan Inman

                                        b. Nov. 22, 1989 in Sandwich, IL


                                        Tiffany Kay Inman

                                        b. Mar. 31, 1991 in Sandwich, IL


                                        child of Elizabeth and Steven Thompson


                                        Amanda Marie Thompson

                                        b. Sept. 20, 1992 in Sandwich, IL










                       Children of Jeffery Allen and Sharon Ann Butler (cont.)


                       James Phillip  Butler  (A)

                        b. Dec. 9, 1971 in Aurora, IL

                        m. Aug. 3, 1990 in Aurora, IL(D)

                                 Rhonda Crossen

                                 b. Dec. 23, 1971

                        m.(2) Dec. 16, 1995 in Colorado Springs, CO  (D)

                                 Julie Lawernce Bingham

                                 b. Feb. 24, 1979 in Colorado Springs, CO

                         m.(3) date unk

                                   Stacie Riesley

                                   b. unk


                                         child of James Phillip and Rhonda Butler


                                         Michael Allen Butler

                                         b. April 14, 1991 in Colorado Springs, CO


                                         child of James Phillip and Julie Lawrence Butler


                                          Ashley Lynn Butler

                                          b. June 11, 1996 in Colorado Springs, CO

                                          d. June 11, 1996 in Colorado Springs, CO


                                          child of James Allen and Stacie Butler


                                           Leacie Nicole Butler

                                           b. unk



                        Mathew Michael Butler

                        b. Aug. 23, 1978 in Sandwich, IL

                        m. Sept. 2, 2000 in Newark, IL

                                Diana Rae Schwars

                                b. unk


                                    child of Mathew Michael and Diana Rae Butler


                                    Cole Michael Butler

                                     b. Oct. 27, 2003



                         Sarah Lynn Butler

                         b. Aug. 29, 1984 in Sandwich, IL




Children of Bonita Lou and Robert Earl Butler (cont.)


John Andrew Butler

b. Dec. 14, 1954 in Sandwich, IL (Twin)

d. Dec. 29,2008 in Venice, FL

m. Dec. 19, 1977 in Sandwich, IL   (D)

        Debbie Weis

        b. July 24, 1955 in Macoupin Co.,IL



           child of John Andrew and Debbie Weis Butler


           Krystal Lynn Weis

           b. Dec. 4, 1974 in Macoupin Co., IL

           m. Aug. 24, 2002 in Girard, IL

                   Mark Eugene Garst

                   b. May 18,1971 in Springfield, IL


                       children of Krystal Lynn and Mark Eugene Garst


                        Bailey Kay Garst

                        b. May 18, 1999 in Litchfield, IL


                        Karson Andrew Eugene Garst

                        b. May 9, 2003 in Litchfield, IL




Paula Elaine Butler

b. Feb. 10, 1956 in Sandwich, IL

m. Sept. 28, 1974 in Plano, IL

        Michael John Nagy

        b. July 23, 1955 in Aurora, IL


            Children of Paula Elaine and Michael John Nagy


             Justin Michael Butler

             b. May 25, 1972 in Aurora, IL

             m. Aug. 5, 1992 in Sandwich, IL

                    Tammie Marie Braure

                    b. April 11, 1975 in Aurora, IL








Paula Elaine Butler(cont.)                


                      Children of Justin Michael and Tammie Marie Butler


                      Justin Michael Butler, Jr.

                      b. May 14, 1993 in Aurora, IL


                       Johnathan Gregary Butler

                       b. Dec. 1, 1994 in Aurora, IL


                       Shayla Nichole Butler

                       b. Aug. 17, 1996 in Aurora, IL




         Gena Elaine Butler

         b. April 29, 1974 in Aurora, IL

         m. Sept. 30, 1995 in Sandwich, IL

                Cory David Davidson

                 b. Sept. 11, 1974 in Sandwich, IL


                    children of Gena Elaine and Cory David Davidson


                    Nathan Scott Davidson

                    b. July 19, 1996 in Aurora, IL


                    Jason Michael Davidson

                    b. Oct. 7, 1998 in Aurora, IL


                    Emma Grace Davidson

                    b. Oct. 28, 2002 in Aurora, IL
















Martin Earl Butler

b. Aug. 24, 1957 in Sandwich, IL

m. May 28, 1977 in Plano, IL    (D)

        Colleen Adele Gocken

        b. Mar. 17, 1958 in Aurora, IL

m. (2) Mar. 12, 1991 in Rogers, AR

        Pamela Sue Rogers

        b. April 30, 1962 in San Luis Obispo, CA


            Child of Martin Earl and Colleen Adele Butler


             Krystofer Martin Gocken

             b. Dec. 28, 1976 in Aurora, IL

             Partner: (dissolved)

                    Barb Konczak

                    b. July 1, 1977 in LaSalle, IL


                         Child of  Krystofer Martin Gocken and Barb Konczak


                           Anavrin Grace Gocken

                           b. Feb. 12,19996 in Peru, IL


 Child of Martin Earl and Colleen Adele Butler


    Lorelei Cristal Butler

    b. Jan. 2, 1980 in Aurora, IL


          Child of Lorelei Cristal Butler


           Gwendolyn Dayana Butler

            b. Dec. 9, 2000 in Aurora, IL


    Stepchild of Martin Earl and daughter of Pamela Sue Butler


     Brandi Marie Anderson

     b. Sept. 6, 1981 in Aurora, IL

        Partner: Joseph Heinzimn(dissolved)

        Partner:Scott Wayne Rye (dissolved)


            Child of Brandi Marie and Joseph Heinzimn


             Mataya Nichole Anderson

             b. April 21, 2000 in Rogers, AR


             Child of Brandi Marie and Scott Wayne Rye


              Levi Scott Anderson

              b. June 24, 2002 in Rogers, AR

      Martin Earl Butler (cont.)


                   Child of Martin Earl and Pamela Sue Martin


        Brandin Earl Butler

        b. May 5, 1986 in Sandwich, IL








          William Robert Butler

           b. Oct. 21, 1958 in Sandwich, IL

           m. April 28, 1980 in Sandwich, IL  (D)

        Nancy Lynn Fox

        b. Dec. 12, 1960 in Albany, NY            

           m. (2) May 8, 1998 in Geneva, IL

        Carol Jean Born

         b. Dec. 17, 1956 in Naperville, IL


             Children of William Robert and Nancy Butler


              Jacob Paul Butler

              b. Nov. 15, 1981 in Aurora, IL


              Jennifer Lynd Butler

              b. July 15, 1985 in Aurora, IL


              Stepchildren of William Robert and children of Carol Jean Butler


              Casey Michael Fletcher

              b. July 22, 1975 in Naperville, IL


              Barbara Rose Fletcher

              b. Sept. 13, 1979 in Naperville, IL

              m. date unk

                      Richard Hernandez

                      b. Feb. 9, 1977 in Aurora, IL


                                      child of Barbara Rose and Richard Hernandez


                                      Alicyah Rose Hernandez

                                      b. Oct. 14, 2003 in Aurora, IL


                            Sarah Denise Fletcher

                            b. Aug. 21, 1985 in Aurora, IL



       Jane Eileen Butler

          b. June 20, 1960 in Sandwich, IL

          m. Mar. 24, 1989 in Sandwich, IL

                  Joseph Albert Latham

                  b. Jan. 20, 1952 in Sandwich, IL


                    Children of Jane Eileen and Joseph Albert Latham


                    Kristin Louise Latham

                    b. June 29, 1989 in Aurora, IL


                    Rebecca Lynn Latham

                    b. Nov. 5, 1993 in Aurora, IL


































Children of Charles William and Luella January Mall


         Charles William Mall, Jr.

    b. July 14, 1938 in Sandwich, IL

    d. May 12, 2001 in CA

    m. May 10, 1965 in Las Vegas, NV    (D)

                Linda Griffeth

                b. May 20, 1935

          m. (2) 1991 in CA




          Thomas Gary Mall

           b. Oct. 2, 1943 in Sandwich, IL

           m. Dec. 24, 1968 in Sycamore, IL  (D)

                 Pamela Ann Talent

                  b. Feb. 15, 1950 in Sandwich, IL



           Debra Ann Mall

           b. Nov. 11, 1945 in Sandwich, IL

           m. June 3, 1967 in Sandwich, IL

                 James Allan Reinamann

                 b. Dec. 1, 1944 in San Diego, CA



           Susan Alicia Mall

           b. Nov. 7, 1948 in Sandwich, IL

           m. Oct. 1, 1977 in Truckee, CA

                 Martin Richard Munday

                 b. Jan. 21, 1943 in Texarkana, TX


















Child of Charles William, Jr. and Linda Mall


                                  Elizabeth Nicole Mall (legally changed name from Elizabeth to Alex)

                                  b. Dec. 20, 1965 in Los Angles, CA

                                  m. June 20, 1997

                                        Frank Palatella

                                        b. June 9, 1959.


                                             children of Elizabeth  Nicole and Frank Palatella


                                             Giancarlo Paletella

                                              b. Sept. 24, 1998


                                             Sophia Palatella

                                              b. Sept. 25, 2001


                                              stepchild of Elizabeth and child of Frank Palatella


                                              Nicolas William Palatella

                                               b. Oct. 4, 1994





























Children of Thomas Gary and Pamela Ann Mall


                                        Jacquelyn Ann Mall

                                        b. Feb. 3, 1970 in Sandwich, IL

                                        m. May 28, 1998 in Sandwich, IL

                                             Gerald Weber

                                             b. April 13, 1965 in Sandwich, IL


                                                   Children of Jacquelyn Ann and Gerald Weber


                                                    Cassandra Lee Ann Weber

                                                    b. Mar. 19, 2003 in Sandwich, IL


                                                    Sundara Rose Weber

                                                    b. April 5, 1908 in Sandwich, IL




                                           Edward Charles Mall

                                           b. April 27, 1971 in Sandwich, IL

                                           m. Aug. 31, 2000 in Paw Paw, IL

                                                 Denise Roberts

                                                 b. April 1974 in Aurora, IL


                                                    Child of Edward Charles and Denise Mall


                                                     Madison Mall

                                                      b. Oct. 10, 2001 in Winfield, IL





















                   Children of Debra Ann and James Allan Reinemann


                                     David James Reinemann

                                     b. Dec.18, 1967 in Nierenberg, West Germany

                                     m. Oct. 16, 1993 in Gurnee, IL

                                            Victoria Remington

                                             b. Dec. 3, 1966 in East Point, GA


                                             Children of David James and Victoria Reinemann


                                              James Thomas Reinemann

                                              b. Sept. 25, 1998 in Carrollton, TX


                                              Elizabeth Victoria Reinemann

                                              b. Mar. 29, 2007 in The Woodlands, TX




                                      Heika Mary Reinemann

                                      b. Oct. 14, 1971 in McHenry, IL

                                      m. June 25, 1994 in Gurnee, IL

                                            Jeffory Hibbert

                                            b. Dec. 25, 1969 in Quincy, IL


                                              children of Heika Mary and Jeffory Hibbert


                                              Elijah Curtis Hibbert

                                              b. Jan. 9, 1998 in Seattle, WA


                                              Liam Charles Hibbert

                                              b. Jan. 29, 2003 in Seattle, WA




                                      Karla Baie Reinemann

                                      b. Aug. 11, 1976 in Waukegan, IL

                                      m. Aug. 15, 1998 in Zion, IL

                                           Jacob Edward Mihalak

                                           b. Feb 21, 1976 in Monterey, CA


                                                Children of Karla Baie and Jacob Edward Mihalak


                                                Calvin Jacob Mihalak

                                                b. July 9, 2004 in Miamai Beach, FL


                                                Warner Martin Mihalak

                                             b. July 3, 2006 in Miami Beach, FL




Children of Susan Alicia and Martin Richard Munday


                                      Aaron Elliot Munday

                                      b. July 7, 1987 in Reno, NV (twin)

                                      d. July 27, 1987 in Reno, NV


                                      Rose Whitney Munday

                                      b. July 7, 1987 in Reno, NV







































Children of Luella Marie and Jacque Edmund Waite


      Joseph E. Waite

      b. July 20, 1947 in Crawfordsville, IN

      m. May 25, 1968 in Belvidere, IL      (D)

             Diana Morris

              b. April 2947

       m. (2) Aug. 30, 1980 in North Plato, IL

              Ruth Anne Seyler

              b. Feb. 26, 1951




       Patrick Louis Waite

       b. Oct. 16, 1948 in Sandwich, IL

       m. Sept. 20, 1970 in Belvidere, IL

              Ruth Kathleen McClatchey

              b. Sept. 4, 1948 in Herron, IL




        Denise Elaine Waite

        b. Sept.28, 1952 in Sandwich, IL

        m. Mar. 6, 1975 in Belvidere, IL

              Albert Edward Becker

              b. Nov. 9, 1946 in Newberry, MI




         David Dean Waite

         b. Oct. 1, 1957 in Sandwich, IL

         m. Oct. 10, 1981 in Belvidere, IL

               Linda Denise Young

               b. Dec. 27, 1956 in















Child of Joseph E. and Diana Waite


                 Charles Joseph Waite

                  b. Dec. 3, 1968 in Belvidere, IL

                      ( later adopted by James Gray, Diana’s second husband)


Child of Joseph E. and Ruth Anne Waite


                  Mathew Joseph Waite

                  b. Feb 8, 1986 in Elmhurst, IL  (A)







































Children of Patrick Louis and Ruth Kathleen Waite


                 Theresa Marie Waite

                 b. July 8, 1969 in Anchorage, AK (twin)

                     (child of Ruth and adopted by Patrick)

                 m. July 7, 1990   (D)

                      Michael Baroski

                      b. Dec. 21, 1967

                 m. (2) Mar. 21, 1993

                      David Scheopf, Jr.

                       b. Mar. 17, 1959


                          Children of Theresa Marie and David Scheopf, Jr.


                           Joseph Phillip Scheopf

                           b. Aug. 8, 1993


                           Nicholas Allen Scheopf

                           b. Jan. 26, 1996



                 Mary Sue Waite

                 b. July 8, 1969 in Anchorage, AK (twin)

                     (child of Ruth and adopted by Patrick)

                 m. Nov. 26, 1996

                      Michael Shull

                      b. Aug. 18, 1969




                  Amy Collen Waite

                  b. Aug. 26, 1971 in Belvidere, IL

















Children of Patrick Louis and Ruth Kathleen Waite (Cont.)


                    Jacquelyne Patrice Waite

                    b. Feb. 17, 1975 in Belvidere, IL

                    m. June 1, 1996         (D)

                          Brett Allen Farnsworth

                          b. Sept. 30, 1966

                     m. (2) Aug. 7, 2005 in Popular Grove, IL

                           Greg Sneek



                               Stepchild of Jacquelyne and child of Brett Farnsworth


                               David Allen Farnsworth

                               b. Augg 29, 1988


                               Child of Jacquelyne Patrice and Brett Allen Farnsworth


                                Harlee Kate Farnsworth

                                b. Aug. 14, 1997






























Children of Denise Elaine and Albert Edward Becker


       Travis William Becker

        b. Jan. 14, 1979



        Ian Wesley Becker

        b. Dec. 15, 1980

        m. date unk             (D)

              Jennifer Diane Kayton

              b. May 13, 1982 in Virginia Beach, VA


                  Child of Ian Wesley and Jennifer Diane Becker


                  Wesley Jack Becker

                   b. May 3, 2007 in Virginia Beach, VA




         Drew Whitney Becker

         b. Nov. 20, 1982




          Channing Marie Becker

          b. Aug. 15, 1984

          m. Mar. 25, 2009 in Wood Hills, CA

                Miguel Ballardo Morales

                b. May 18, 1983 in Esquintla, Central America




            Hayley Christine Becker

            b. Sept. 26, 1986














Children of David Dean and Linda Denise Waite


Zachary David Waite

b. Aug. 13, 1987


Jacque Eugene Waite

b. May 4, 1990


Marlorie Lynn Waite

b. July 13, 1992







































Children of Vivian and James Robert McMaster


Stephen James McMaster

b. Jan. 1, 1947 in Sandwich, IL

m. Dec. 23, 1965 in Plano, IL         (D)

     Christina Agnes Moore

     b. Oct. 31, 1949 in Dowagiac, MI

m. (2) June 6, 1980 in Sandwich, IL  (D)

      Peggy Lee

      b. 1950 in Sandwich, IL

      d. 2005(?)

m. (3) Mar. 19, 1984 in Geneva, IL (D)

       Karen Sue Kellen Bullock

       b. April 29, 1943 in Aurora, IL

 m. (4) Feb. 14, 1997 in Sycamore, IL

       Karen Sue Kellen  Bullock McMaster

       b. April 29, 1943 in Aurora, IL




Mary Lou McMaster

b. Feb. 8, 1948 in Sandwich, IL

d. Jan. 7, 2006 in Morrison, IL

m. Sept. 30, 1966 in Sandwich, IL

     Gary Lee Scragg

      b. April 9, 1945 in Burlington, IA




James Robert McMaster, Jr.

b. Dec. 17, 1948 in Sandwich, IL

m. July 29, 1966 in Lancaster, MO   (D)

     Jennie Lou Cantrell

     b. Mar. 21, 1948 in Smithville, MS

     d. Feb. 2009 in Janesville, WI

m. (2) Sept. 19, 1975 in Plano, IL     (D)

      Jennie Lou Cantrell

      b. Mar. 21, 1948 in Smithvile, MS

      d. Feb. 2009 in Janesville, WI

      partner: Jolene Ann Reinbolt      (dissolved)

      b. Aug. 10, 1961 in Sandwich, IL

 m. (3) June 20, 1992in Sandwich, IL

      Janet Kay Beverage Bracketlyson

      b. Sept. 17, 1959 in Sandwich, IL





Children of Vivian and James Robert McMaster (cont.)


Richard Henry McMaster

b. May 1, 1950 in Sandwich, IL

m. Oct. 14, 1966 in Lancaster, MO          (D)

     Terry Ann Martin

      b. Sept. 16, 1950 in Buckhannon WV

m. (2) Dec. 21, 1979 in Morristown,, TN (D)

      Sherry Gail McDaniels

      b. July 31, 1957 in Morristown, TN

m. (3) Feb. 12, 1983 in Morristown, TN   (D)

      Donna Arwood

      b. Sept. 20,1959 in Morristown, TN

m. (4) Oct. 1995 in Morristown, TN          (D)

      Sherry Gail McDaniels McMaster

      b. July 31, 1957 in Morristown, TN

m. (5) July 8, 1990 in Gatlingburg, TN      (D)

      Aletha Rhodora Wilder

      b. Mar. 26, 1958 in Hamblin Co., TN

m. (6) Nov. 21, 2002 in Gatlingburg, TN

      Emma Ruth Hancock Cross

      b. Nov. 26, 1967 in Cookeville,



Mark Louis McMaster

b. Dec. 20, 1960 in Sandwich, IL

m. May 25, 1984 in Plano, IL         (D)

     Nancy Reed

     b. Sept. 16, 1961 in Aurora, IL

m. (2) June 20, 1987 in Sandwich, IL

     Theresa Fay Davis

     b. April 20, 1965 in Pana, IL

















 Children of Stephen James and Christina Agnes McMaster


Stephen James McMaster, Jr.

b. Nov. 10, 1966 in Sandwich, IL

m. Dec. 17, 1988 in MS       (D)

     Rene Graves

     b. Jan. 31, 1973 in MS


      child of Stephen James, Jr. and Rene McMaster



      Christopher McMaster

      b. Mar. 17, 1991 in MS




Lisa Rene McMaster

b. June 24, 1968 in Sandwich, IL

m. June 8, 1985 in NM      (D)

     Scott Gravitt

     b. Aug. 5, 1966 in IL

            m (2) Nov. 24, 1989 in IL  (D)

     Mark Shoen

     b. unk

m. (3) Aug. 3, 1997 in IN   (D)

      Justin Young

      b. Oct. 13, 1973 in Orange Co., CA

m. Oct. 3, 2003 in Geneseo, IL   (D)

      Mathew Shane Harden

      b. April 24, 1968 in Geneseo, IL


      Children of Lisa Rene and Scott Gravitt


 Emma Lucille Gravitt

 b. Mar. 20, 1986

 m. July 30, 2004

     Tim Fitzwater

     b. unk


           Children of Emma Lucille and Tim Fitzwater


            Lillian Rene Fitzwater

            b. Mar. 1, 2007 in Moline, IL


            Isabelle Lola Julianne Fitzwater

            b. April 28, 2008 in Ft. Wayne, IN

            d. April 21, 2009 in North Liberty, IN




Children of Stephen James and Christina Agnes McMaster (Cont.)


          Children of Lisa Rene and Mark Shoen


           Rebbekka Shoen

           b. Sept.25, 1989

            partner: Sean Moody



                  Children of Rebbekka Shoen and Sean Moody


                  Donavin Joseph Moody (twin)

                   b. Feb. 5, 2009 in Peoria, IL


                  Anderson Xavier Moody (twin)

                   b. Feb. 5, 2009 in Peoria, IL




             Allen Shoen

             b. Oct. 29, 1990




                Brian Christopher McMaster

                 b. Nov. 22, 1971 in Sandwich, IL



                 Stepchildren of Stephen James and children of Karen Sue McMaster


                 Michael William Bullock

                 b. Nov. 23, 1963 in Aurora, IL

                 m. Feb. 4, 1984     (D)

                       Kristine Taylor

                       b. Aug. 2

                 m. (2) unk               (D)

                       Christine   ?

                       b. unk

                 m. (3) July 3, 1998 (D)

                        Jill Dowie

                        b. unk

                 m. (4) Natalie ?      (D)

                        b. unk




Stepchildren of Stephen James and children of Karen Sue McMaster (cont.)


                                 Children of Michael William Bullock


                                  Vickie Bullock

                                   b. Jan. 8, 1985


                                   Amy Bullock

                                   b. Mar. 12,


                                   Amanda Bullock

                                   b. Oct. 29, 1994



Cynthia Sue Bullock

 b. May 31, 1966 in Aurora, IL

 m. Aug. 12, 1990 in LaSalle Co., IL

     Steve Edwards

     b. Sept. 17, 1965


            Children of Cynthia and Steve Edwards


             Melissa Edwards

             b. Mar 25, 1984 in Aurora, IL


              Jason Edwards

              b. Oct. 25, 1988 in Aurora, IL


              Brittney Edwards

              b. Dec. 31, 1990 in Aurora, IL




James Edward Bullock

b. Mar. 23, 1968 in Aurora, IL

m. Feb. 14, 1996                 (D)

     Billie Jo Bachlor

     b. 1968 in Aurora, IL


             Children of James and Billie Jo Bullock


             Rebbecca Bullock

             b. Sept. 28, 1991


              Natcha Bullock

              b. June 4



Children of Mary Lou and Gary Lee Scragg


Cynthia Lou Scragg

b. Feb. 2, 1968 in Sandwich, IL

m. Aug. 29, 1992 in Sandwich, IL   (D)

     Nicholas Glenn Husband

     b. Nov. 5, 1968


           Children of Cynthia Lou and Nicholas Glenn Husband


           Shelly Nichole Husband   (Child of Cynthia and adopted by Nicholas)

            b. Nov. 11, 1985 in Galesburg, IL


                 Jason Stamburger

                                   b. Jan. 12, 1982


                                         Child of Shelly Husband and Jason Stamburger


                                         Dominik Stamburger

                                         b. July 7, 2005 in Peru, IL




                              Nicholas Dean Lee Husband

                              b. Jan. 24, 1994 in Mendota, IL
























Children of Mary Lou and Gary Lee Scragg (cont.)


      Constance Lee Scragg

      b. Nov. 8, 1969 in Sandwich, IL

      m. Aug. 15, 1987 in Sandwich, IL     (D)

            Christopher Kirby

            b. Dec. 27, 1968


                 Children of Constance Lee and Christopher Kirby


                 Amanda Jane Kirby

                 b. Nov. 29, 1987 in Sandwich, IL


                       Child of Amanda Jane Kirby


                       Camryn James Kirby

                        b. Feb. 19, 2009 in Peru, IL



                Molly Elaine Kirby

                b. June 1, 1990 in Sandwich, IL


                     Nathaniel Smith

                     b. unk



                        Child of Molly Elaine Kirby and Nathaniel Smith


                        Issac Christopher Smith

                        b. Aug. 9, 2005 in Peru, IL



             Cathleen Louise Scragg

  b. Sept. 1, 1973 in Sandwich, IL

  m. July 10, 1993 in Sandwich, IL     (D)

       Heath Holstein

       b. Mar. 18, 1971


             Children of Cathleen Louise and Heath Holstein


              Devin Christopher Holstein

              b. July 24, 1994 in Sandwich, IL 


              Trevor Andrew Holstein

               b. Nov. 5, 1996 in Sandwich, IL




Children of Mary Lou and Gary Lee Scragg (cont.)


              Crystal Lynn Scragg

   b. Jan. 25, 1979 in Sandwich, IL

   m. June 6, 1998 in Sandwich, IL    (D)

        Denny Allen Johnson

        b. Feb. 13, 1976 in Sandwich, IL

   m. (2) Oct. 30, 2007 in Sandwich, IL

        Travis William Pyle

         b. Feb. 25, 1976 in Aurora, IL


                           Child of Crystal Lynn and Denny Allen Johnson


               Valerie Ann Johnson

               b. Aug. 5, 1998 in Sandwich, IL


               Children of Crystal Lynn and Travis William Pyle


               Vanessa Elizabeth Pyle

                b. Jan. 30, 2002 in Sandwich, IL


               Victoria Page Pyle

                b. July 5, 2005 in Sandwich, IL


























Children of James Robert Jr. and Jenny Lou McMaster


Jeri Lynn McMaster

b. April 6, 1967 in Sandwich, IL

m. Sept. 13, 1982 in MS       (D)

     Steve Garrison

     b. Feb. 28, 1961

m. (2) Jan. 25, 1996 in Las Vegas, NV

     John Ithal

     b. Jan. 11, 1966 in Chicago, IL


          Children of Jeri Lynn and Steve Garrison


           Daniel Garrison

           b. Sept. 13, 1983 in Sandwich, IL


           Deana Garrison

           b. May 22, 1986 in Sandwich, IL


                Cory Schroeder



                       Child of Deana Garrison and Cory Schroeder


                        Riley Ann Schroeder

                        b. July 6, 2006 in Aurora, IL


            Stepchild of Jeri Lynn and child of John Ithal


             Bradi Ithal

             b. Feb. 15, 1990









Robert Allen McMaster

b. April 27, 1970 in Sandwich, IL








Children of James Robert Jr. and Jenny Lou McMaster (cont.)


Jamie Lynn McMaster

b. Aug. 5, 1977 in Sandwich, IL

m. Nov. 10, 1997 in Sycamore, IL                (D)

     Ron Grinka

     b. Sept. 8, 1975 in Mendota, IL


           Children of Jamie Lynn  and Ron Grinka


            Brook Renee Grinka

            b. Jan. 3, 1998 in Mendota, IL


             Kelsey Ann Grinka

             b. April 27, 2001 in Mendota, IL


             Rachael Eran Grinka

             b. Feb. 17, 2003 in La Porte, IN




Child of James Robert, Jr. and Jolene Ann Reinbolt


Lindsey Jolene McMaster

b. June 4, 1982 in Sandwich, IL

m. Sept. 10, 2005 in Las Vegas, NV

     Chad Michael Krywaruchka

     b. Mar. 31, 1981 in Columbus, MT


Stepchildren of James Robert, Jr. and children of Janet Kay McMaster


Shannon Bracketlyson

b. Sept. 20, 1976 in Sandwich, IL

m. April 18, 1998 in LaSalle Co., IL         (D)

     Michael Parham

     b. July 25, 1976


          Children of Shannon and Michael Parham


           Kayleigh Layne Parham

           b. Mar. 26, 1966 in Ottawa, IL


           Derek Michael Parham

           b. Nov. 5, 1997 in Ottawa, IL


           Timothy James Parham

           b. Nov. 28,2001 in Ottawa, IL


Stepchildren of James Robert Jr and children of Janet Kay McMaster (cont.)



Jennifer Bracketlyson

b. Nov. 28, 1977 in Sandwich, IL

m. July 4, 2002 in Las Vegas, NV

     Christopher Clausel

     b. Aug. 19, 1975 in Aurora, IL




Jeremy Bracketlyson

b. Mar. 19, 1981 in Sandwich, IL


      Crystal Albright

      b. unk


       Child of Jeremy Bracketlyson and Crystal Albright


       Nelson Lane Bracketlyson

       b. Jan. 26, 2001






























Children of Richard Henry and Terry Ann McMaster


Richard Henry McMaster, Jr.

b. June 16, 1967 in Sandwich, IL

m. Aug. 16, 1986 in Morristown, TN              (D)

     Nancy Moore


m. (2) Sept. 17, 1984 in Pigeon Forge, TN

     Melissa Kaye Belcher

     b. Feb. 23, 1969 in Logansport, IN


           Stepchild of Richard Henry Jr. and child of Melissa Kaye McMaster


            Jessica Lynne Belcher

            b. Oct. 10, 1990 in Greensville, TN




Kelly Jean McMaster

b. Sept. 5, 1968 in Sandwich, IL

m. Sept. 27 in Morristown, TN             (D)

      Donnie Holt

      b. July 17


       Gerald Armstrong


       d. unk

m. (2)Dec. 31, 1996 in Pigeon Forge, TN

       Clinton Harold Estes

       b. Aug. 26, 1964 in Hamblin Co., TN


           Children of Kelly Jean McMaster and Gerald Armstrong


           Jessica Kaysee Armstrong

           b. June 9, 1990 in Knoxville, TN (twin)


           Charles Storm Armstrong

           b. June 9, 1990 in Knoxville, TN (twin)


           Stepchild of Kelly Jean and child of Clinton Harold Estes


           Jarrid Estes

           b. Aug. 31, 1990 in Greensville, TN




Children of Richard Henry and Terry Ann McMaster (cont.)


Julie Ann McMaster

b. Aug. 29, 1970 in Sandwich, IL

d. Oct. 14, 2007 in Shabbona, IL

m. unk                                           (D)

      Scott Robertson

      b. unk

m. Dec. 15, 1998 in Sycamore, IL

     James Schulz

     b. unk


            Child of Julie Ann and adopted by Scott Robertson


            Ashleigh McMaster Robertson

            b. Dec. 9, 1988 in Sandwich, IL


                  Child of Ashleigh Robertson


                   Katlin Leeann Robertson

                   b. Oct. 30, 2007 in De Kalb, IL


             Child of Julie Ann McMaster


             Adrienna Tierstan McMaster

             b. July 27, 1996 in Aurora, IL


             Child of Julie Ann and James Schulz


             Anna Marie Schulz

              b. Mar. 14, 1999 in Sandwich, IL




Clifford Glenn McMaster

b. Sept. 2, 1971 in Sandwich, IL

m. Nov. 11, 1989 in Plano, IL       (D)

     Kathleen Glover

     b. Jan. 26, 1969










Stepchildren of Richard Henry and children of Emma Ruth McMaster


Amanda Nicole Cross

b. Aug. 16, 1986 in Carthage, TN


 Ashley Michelle Cross

 b. May 4, 1988 in Carthage, TN


 Bradley Shane Cross

 b. Jan. 19, 1991 in Carthage, TN









































Child of Mark Louis and Theresa Fay McMaster


           Mark Louis Eugene McMaster

           b. Aug. 8, 1997 in Mount Vernon, IL   (A)











































Child of Verian and Norman DuWayne Johnson


         Sheryl Lynn Johnson

         b. Mar. 8, 1947 in Sandwich, IL

         m. June 23, 1976 in Sandwich, IL     (D)

              Kenneth Allen Hagar

              b. June 24, 1945 in Sandwich, IL

         m. (2) Oct. 7, 1976 in Bremerton, WA

              Bruce Bell

              b. May 11, 1945




Children of Verian and Duell Warren


        Carolynn Ann Warren

        b. Oct. 17, 1949 in Sandwich, IL

        m. Dec. 30, 1966 in Sandwich, IL        (D)

             Roger Estes

             b. Feb. 14, 1947 in Sandwich, IL

        m. (2) May 18, 1981 in Las Vegas, NV  (D)

             William Edward Harris

              b. June 21, 1948 in Chicago, IL


              Thomas Shannon

              b. Dec. 27, 1938

              d. 2001 in Clinton, IL




       Lee Franklin Warren

       b. Mar. 26, 1951 in Sandwich, IL

       m. May 1, 1971                                     (D)

            Billie Jean Mundwiler

            b. April 10,1952

       m. (2) 1996

           Charolette Duffy

            b. unk











Children of Verian and William Eugene  Cassell


         Julie Jean Cassell

         b. Mar. 7, 1954 in Sandwich, IL

         d. Jan. 26, 1955 in Sandwich, IL




        Michael Warner Cassell

        b. Nov. 28, 1957 in Aurora, IL



        William Eugene Cassell, Jr.

        b. Sept. 3, 1961 in Sandwich, IL

        m. Oct. 25, 1980 in Sandwich, Il            (D)

            Karrie Lynn Helin

             b. Jan. 9, 1961 in Sandwich, IL

        m. (2) Nov. 23, 2006 in  Campbellsville, KY

             Rebbecca Alice Yancey Dial

             b. Dec. 20, 1964 in Harrisburg, VA






























Child of Sheryl Lynn and Kenneth Allen Hager


                 Jennifer Francin Hagar

                 b. Mar. 8, 1971 in San Francisco, CA


Child of Sheryl Lynn and Bruce Bell


                 Jefferson Elliot Bell

                 b. Feb. 19,1979 in Bremerton, WA

                 m. June 24, 2007 in New Camden, CT

                      Alexandria Borden DuPont

                      b. Feb. 24, 1978 in New Camden, Ct





































Child of Carolynn and Roger Estes


                 Richard Todd Estes

                 b. Dec. 29, 1968 in Sandwich, IL

                 m. July 29, 1995 in Norway, IL                  (D)

                     Nickie Potman

                     b. Aug. 27, 1975 in Centralia, IL









































Children of Lee Franklin and Billie Jean Warren


                     Robert Michael Warren

                     b. June 16, 1972 in Colorado Springs, CO


                          Karen Hepperle

                          b. unk


                              Child of Robert Michael Warren and Karen Hepperle


                              Elisha Rose Hepperle

                              b. Mar. 9, 2997 in Utica. IL



        Timothy Lee Warren

                    b. Aug. 5, 1975 in Aurora, IL

                    d. Aug.5, 1975 in Aurora, IL



                    Joseph David Warren

                    b. May 22, 1978 in Aurora, IL





























Stepchildren of William Eugene Jr. and children of Rebbecca Cassell


                   Cameron Mitchel Dial

  b. Nov. 9, 1992 in Glasgow, KY


  Login Wade Dial

  b. June 20, 1996 in Lebanon, KY


  Madison Erin Dial

  b. Jan. 14, 2000 in Lebanon, KY



















































Chapter V





























                         Children of Delia and Charles Dickson


   Flora Dickson

   b. Feb. 22, 1918 in Sandwich, IL

   m. July 20, 1935 in Plano, IL

          Merle E. Griswold

          b. Nov. 18, 1915 in Little Rock Twp., IL




Maxine Rae Dickson

b. April 5, 1920 in Sandwich, IL

d. Aug. 2007 in Sandwich, IL

m. Dec. 11, 1943 in Detroit, MI

      Andrew Buchik

      b. Mar. 24, 1919 in Chicago, IL

      d. Dec. 27, 1984 in Chicago, IL






























Children of Flora and Merle Griswold


                 Jacqueline Rae Griswold

                 b. March 13, 1938 in Sandwich, IL

                 m. June 21, 1961 in Sandwich, IL

                      Louis Donald Green

                       b. March 22, 1930 in Tolona, IL

                       d. July 14, 2007 in Sandwich, IL




                  Judith Mae Griswold

                  b. May 1, 1940 in Sandwich, IL

                  m. June 14, 1958 in Millington, IL

                       John Isacc Holley    

                       b. Dec. 12, 1937 in Millington, IL



































Children of Jacqueline and Louis Green


                                 Michael Shawn Green

                                 b. May 21, 1953 in Sandwich, IL

                                 m. Nov. 30,1986

                                      Michelle Morphey

                                      b. Aug. 19,

                                             Child of Michael and Michelle Green


                                             Cassidy John Green

                                              b. June 10, 1987 in Sandwich, IL


                                                   Nadene May

                                                   b. Jan. 25, 1954

                                                          Child of Michael Green and Nadene May


                                                           Shunna Katlin Green

                                                           b. Sept. 18, 1992 in Aurora, IL




                                  Patrick Lynn Green

                                  b. Nov. 12, 1964 in Sandwich, IL


                                        Judith ___


                                             Child of Patrick Green and Judith


                                             Jacob Patrick Green

                                              b. March 8, 2000 in De Kalb, IL



                                  Diane Whitney Green

                                  b. June 3, 1972 in Sandwich, IL

                                  m.Oct.26,1991 in Sandwich, IL

                                       Syrus Olson

                                       b. Oct. 19, 1960 in Cozad, NE


                                            Children of Diane and Syrus Olson


                                           Whitney Nicole Olson

                                            Feb. 24, 1997 in Aurora, IL


                                           Sidney Renee Olson

                                           b. July 19, 2001 in Aurora, IL







Children of Judith Mae and John Issac Holly


            Roberta Joanne Holley

            b. Nov. 1, 1959 in Sandwich, IL

            m. Aug. 10, 1979 in Millington, IL   (D)

                Charles Junior Choats

                 b. May 12, 19555 in Tunnel Hill, IL


                     Jerome Shorkey

                     b. June 8, 1952

                    d. 2003 in Homer, MI


                         child of Roberta Holly and Jerome Shorkey


                         Nathan A Holly

                         b. Feb. 9, 1992 in Aurora, IL




             Timothy John Holley

             b. Oct. 5, 1960 in Sandwich, IL

             m. Aug. 25, 1984 in Hoapeston, IL

                  Jeanne Fields

                  b. Dec. 8, 1964 in Danville, IL


                          Children of Timothy and Jeanne Holley


                            Jennifer M. Holley

                            b. Dec. 10, 1985 in Boeblingen, Germany

                            m. June 4, 2007 in  Miami, OK

                                 John Adams Coffman

                                 b. Feb. 7, 1983 in Baltimore, MD


                                      Child of Jennifer and John Coffman


                                      Deklin E. Coffman

                                      b. Dec. 19, 2007 in Tulsa, OK



                          Samantha  A. Holley

                          b. July 7, 1988 in Fort Bragg , NC



Children of Judith Mae and John Issac Holly (cont.)


             Douglas James Holley

             b. Sept. 25, 1965 in Sandwich, IL

             m. Sept. 2, 1988 in Webster, WI

                  Yvonne T. Yanez

                   b. March 10, 1965 in Elgin, IL


                        Children of Douglas and Yvonne Holley


                        Michael Allen Holley

                        b. Sept. 24, 1983 in Sandwich, IL


                            Amanda Akre

                            b. May 14, 1984


                                Child of Michael Holley and Amanda Akre


                                Emmelleigh Morjan Akre

                                b. April 13, 2004 in Morris, IL


                             partner (2)

                             Sara Machelle Cupples

                             b. Oct. 8, 1988 in Ottawa, IL


                                   Child of Michael and Sara Cupples


                                   Ryan Lynn Holley

                                   b. June 29, 2008  




           Constance Leigh Holley

           b. May 9, 1988 in Sandwich, IL


                 Blake Robert James Rhodes

                 b. Dec. 22, 1987 in Elizabethtown, NC


                      Child of Constance Holley and Blake Rhoads


                      Izeck Robert James Rhoads

                      b. March 23, 2007 in Sandwich, IL







Children of Maxine and Andrew Buchik


          Andrea Rae Buchik

           b. Sept. 9, 1944 in Aurora, IL

           m. Dec. 30, 1967 in Chicago, IL

                 Bennett Milton McNeal II

                 b. April 26,1946  in Dayton, OH




           Jeffrey Bernard Buchik

           b. May. 30, 1947 in Sandwich, IL

           m. Aug. 30, 1968 in Troy, OH

                Nancy Jo Thompson

                b. Feb. 1, 1948


































Children of Andrea Rae and Bennett Milton McNeal II


                      Heather Kathleen McNeal

                      b. July 9,1971

                      m. June 3, 1995 

                            Walter Norman Schmidt



                                   Children of Heather and Walter Schmidt


                                   Walter Bennett Schmidt

                                    b. Jan. 3, 2001


                                    Anna Elizabeth Schmidt

                                     b. Nov. 17, 2003


                                    Aaron David Schmidt

                                     b. July 24, 2005




                         Andrew Bennett McNeal

                         b. Aug. 2, 1974

                         m. Oct. 26, 1999

                               Alexandra (Sasha) Rosa

                                b. unk



                         Jonathan Ross McNeal

                         b. June 5, 1976



















Children of Jeffrey Bernard and Nancy Jo Buchik


             Jorie Lynn Buchik

             b. Oct, 10, 1973

             m. Sept. 23, 2000

                    John Tress

                    b. unk


                          Child of Jorie and John Tress


                          Shane Joseph Tress

                          b. May 29, 2007 in Orlando, FL



              Allison Janelle Buchik

               b. July 22, 1975