0                         Isabelle Mary Hackert and Edward Mall family genealogy



Edward Mall and Isabelle Mary Hackert (known as Mary) were married June 20, 1882 in Claytonia, Nebraska.

    Edward was the son of John and Mary Mall. They were immigrants from Germany. John and Mary were put off an immigrant train at Meridan, Illinois  because of Cholera.

I haven’t found a grave or cemetery where they might have been buried. I talked with one man in Meridan, Illinois that remembered a Mall farm along what is now route #34 outside of Meridan. There is nothing left on the possible property.

     Edward was born in Mendota ,Illinois on August 12,1859. His parents reportedly died in the Mendota area leaving Edward, who was very young, five or six years old, and his brother Joseph. An uncle took Edward’s brother to Ohio to live with the uncle. Edward stayed in Illinois and lived with relatives in the area.

      Years later, the uncle came from Ohio with Edward’s brother and took them with him to Nebraska. They traveled west selling shoes out of the back of a covered wagon in which they were traveling. The uncle got the shoes as salvage from the Great Chicago fire. The shoe supply ran out as they reached a German settlement in the Hebron-Beatrice, Nebraska area where they settled.

      Edward and Mary had ten children.

      Edward was diagnosed as having Brights Disease in 1900. At that time it was a debilitating illness with fatal results. Not wanting to burden his wife and family with his care, Edward hung himself in the barn, where his son, Louis, found him.

      Isabelle Mary Hackert was the daughter of  Fraz and Mary Brinkmeyer Hackert  (Haeckert, Haker, Hakert, Hacker, Haeckert, Haecker). She was born March 26, 1861 in Germany. She came to the United States in 1878. Mary Hackert Mall died April 29, 1912 in Hebron, Nebraska. It was reported in a newspaper clipping she had died of pneumonia. Louis Mall also said she died of pneumonia. The death certificate states she died from a catarrh of the stomach, and suffered from senility at age of 54 years (I wonder if she had a bleeding ulcer, and had an insufficient blood supply to her brain.)  The attending doctor had only seen her from April 15th to April 27th of that year. Isabelle Mary had visited her three sons in Illinois just three weeks before her death and seemed to be in good health at that time.

       Isabelle Mary’s parents were born in Germany. Her father, Fraz, was the son of Casper and Mary Kruebs Hackert. Fraz was born August 15,1828  in Germany  and died January 31,1916 in DeWitt, Nebraska. Little is known about Casper and Mary Kruebs Hackert. Isabelle Mary’s mother was Mary Brinkmeyer. That is all I know of her mother.

    Fraz was married 3 times. He had children by his first wife, Mary Brinkmeyer, and his second wife, Anna Maria Schmale. His third wife, Mari Luoka Broasch, had children from her former marriage but not with Fraz.  She was 66 years old when they married.







                               Children of Fraz and Mary Brinkmeyer



 b .June 21,1855 in Germany


 m.May 24,1875

                 ELBERT ECKEL

                 b.Feb.1,1847 in Germany

                                      d. May 26,1929 in Beatrice, NE




             b.Jan.26,1858 in Germany


             m.(1)June 1887

                 MARIE KOCH

                 b.Aug.24,1862 in Germany

                 d.Feb.8,1898 in NE

             m.(2) Feb 20,1901



                 d. July 24,1935



  b.Mar.26, 1861 in Germany (came to U.S. in 1878)

  d. Apr.29, 1912 in NE

  m .June 20, 1882 in Clayton, NE


      b.Aug.12, 1859 in Mendota, IL

      d. 1899 in NE



  b.Aug.10,1863 in Germany

  d.Mar.23,1949 in Jacksonville, OR

  m.Mar.22,1888 in Clayton, NE

                        WILHELMINIA WEINKE

      b.Sept.20,1867 in Germany

      d.Oct.19,1946 in Jacksonville, OR









       Children of Fraz and Anna Marie Schmale Haeckert



    b.June 1,1869 in Germany

    d.1918 in Germany



    b. May 29,1871 in Germany

    d.Mar.17,1971 in Beaver City, NE



        b.Oct.17,1857 in Germany

        d.1940 in NE




      b. April 26,1875 in Germany

      d.Aug.12,1972 in Beatrice, NE

       m..June 10,1897






                  KATHERINA A. HAECKERT

      b.Jan.5,1878 in Germany

      d. April 18,1941in Broken Bow, NE.

      m.Dec.24,1898 in Marysville, KS

                      CHARLES G. ROSEBERRY

          b.Feb.16,1880 in Dallas City ,IL.

          d. June 14,1960in Grand Island, NE

















                   Children of Edward and Isabelle Haeckert Mall


               LOUIS  EDWARD  MALL

                b.Aug.13,1882 in Beatrice, NE.

                d.Nov.10,1959 in Sandwich, IL

                m.(1) Oct.10,1906 in Ottawa, IL

                    ELLA  BERNICE  WHITNEY

                    b.Aug.31,1888 in Millington, IL

                    d. July 14,1949 in Sandwich, IL

                m.(2) In CA.1951      (D)

                    JESSE  SANDHAM

                    b.1867 in  England

                    d.1957 in CA


                EDWARD  JOSEPH  MALL

                b.Feb.4,1884 in Beatrice, NE

                d. April 6,1931 in Plano, IL

                m. April 6,1910 in

                    VERNA  REYNOLDS

                    b.Oct.22,1890 in Little Rock Twp., IL

                    d.Aug.11,1986 in Sandwich, IL


                JAMES  CLONTO  MALL

                b. May 16,1886 in Beatrice, NE

                d.Aug.12,1955 in Sandwich, IL


                EMMA  MARY  MALL

                b.Aug.18,1886 in Beatrice, NE

                d. early 1900’s date unk (died in a flood)

                m. date unk. prior to 1905  (year her only child was born)

                   WILLIAM  LYLE MACELDOWNEY

                    b. May 21,1886 in Cleveland, OH

                    d. May 26,1931 in Detroit, MI


                JOHN  HENRY  MALL

                b.Dec.3,1887 in Dewit, NE

                d. Mar. 23,1966 in Camas, WA


                    GRACE  FAYE  BRUMMITT

                    b.Mar.4,1898 in Leeds, WA

                    d.Dec.17,1933 in Camas, WA

                m.(2) 1916

                    VENUS  MCNAMES  BEIRMANY

                    b. unk

                    d. unk


                GEORGE  WASHINGTON  MALL

                 b.Jan.5,1189 in Beatrice, NE

                 d.Jan.21,1963 in Valentine, NE


                ANNA  MARY  MALL

                  b.Mar.26,1891 in Beatrice, NE

                  d. about 1 ½ yrs. old .date unk


                 CHARLES  GARFIELD  MALL

            b.Sept.14,1892 in Beatrice, NE

            d.Jan.8,1967 in Sandwich, IL


                  WILLIAM  FREDRICK  MALL

                   B .July 4,1894 in Fairbury, NE

                   d.Mar.26,1974 in Plano, IL

                   m. June 25,1949 in Plano, IL

                       VERNA  REYNOLDS  MALL

                       b.Oct.22,1890 in Little Rock, IL

                      d.Aug.11,1986 in Sandwich, IL


                  WALTER  MALL

      b. unk

                              d. as a small child ,date unk























                                      Children of Louis Edward and Ella Bernice Whitney Mall


           . IZETTA  BERNICE  MALL

 b. April 18,1908 in Northville Twp., IL

 d.June8,1981 in Sandwich, IL.

 m..July 29,1926 in Sandwich, IL


         b. May 19,1893 in Leland, IL

         d.Mar.8,1970 in Woodstock, IL



b.Mar.8,1910 in Northville Twp., IL

d.Nov.22,1980 in Sandwich, IL

m.June23,1933 in DeKalb Co., IL


        b..Sept.22,1908 in DeKalb Co., IL

       d. Sept.10,2005 in Sandwich, IL



b. Sept.2,1913 in Squaw Grove Twp., IL

d.July27,1990 in Aurora, IL

m.Dec.2,1932 in Crown Point, IN


        b. July 3,1911 In Millbrook, IL

        d.Dec.13,1997 in Maywood, IL



             b.Aug.27,1916 in Sandwich, IL

             d.Jan.23,1983 in Sandwich, IL

                                  m.Feb.12,1937 in Morris, IL.

                     LUELLA  JANUARY  BAIE

                     b.Jan.11,1917 in Hinckley, IL

                     d. July 28,1999 in Aurora, IL


             LUELLA  MARIE  MALL

             b.Mar.10,1920 in Sandwich, IL

             d. July 16,2005 in Belvidere, IL

             m. Nov.22,1946 in Crawfordsville, IN

                     JACQUE  EDMOND  WAITE

                     b.Nov.10,1921 in Aurora, IL

                     d.Sept.27,1989 in Rockford, IL







               VIVIAN  MALL

                b. May 27,1930 in Sandwich, IL (twin)

    m. June  15,1946 in Sandwich, IL


            b.Feb.10,1927 in Somonauk Twp., IL

            d.May27,2001 in Prophetstown, IL


               VERIAN  MALL

   b. May 27,1930 in Sandwich, IL (twin)

   d. Aug.8, 2017 in Sandwich, IL

   m.(1) Aug.10.1946 in Sandwich, IL    (D)

                        NORMAN  DUWAYNE  JOHNSON

           b.Feb.12,1930 in Plateville,  IL

           d. July 4,1961 in IN

   m.(2)Mar.26,1948 in KY                (D)

           DUELL  WARREN

          b. Dec. 26,1925 in KY

          d.Dec.23,1952 in KY

   m.(3)April11, 1953 in Sandwich, IL


           b.Oct.5,1927 in Galesburg, IL.

           d. July 27,1993 in Sandwich, IL

























Children of Edward Joseph and Verna Reynolds Mall


             HARVEY  EDWARD  MALL

             b. July 24, 1911 in  Northville Twp, LaSalle Co., Il.

            d. Dec. 2010 in DeKalb, IL

       m.Nov.6,1945 in Somonauk, Ill.

               DOROTHY  MAE SCHAFMAN  

                                                 (Resumed maiden name after divorce from her first husband, VanNest                                                                                                                                          

                                                b. Dec. 3,1919 in Northville Twp, LaSalle Co, Il.

                                                d. April 25, 2011 in Sandwich, IL                                                                                                                                                                                  



             LESLIE  WALTER  MALL


       d.Mar.9,1999 in Sandwich, IL

       m.June20,1936 in Chicago, IL

               MAXINE  JUNE  MILLER

              b.Mar.14,1916 in Galva, IL

              d.Sept.21,1999 in Sandwich, IL.


                   RUSSELL  MALL

       b. Sept. 22,1919 

       d. Nov.29, 1944  in Germany (killed in action during WWII)



























  Child of  William L. and Emma Mary Mall MacEldowny



    b.April25,1905 in Hebron, NE

    d. July 25,1974 in Trenton, MI

    m.April20,1927 in Elkart, IN

            JOHN  ALBERT  RILEY

            b.Jan.10,1906 in Oberlin, KS

                         d.April15,1963 in Wyandotta, MI






































                       Children of John Henry and Grace Faye Brummitt Mall


                 RAYMOND  JOHN  MALL

b. July 12,1917 in Hartman, CO

d.Nov.15,1998 in Camas, WA



                      b .June 17,1912 in Bowdle,  SD

        d. date unk


             ORVILLE  GEORGE  MALL

b. July 10,1919 in LaMar, CO.



             WALTER  LEROY  MALL

b.Oct.16,1921 in Hartman, CO

              d.Sept.27,1992 in WA


                      LOIS  PEARL  VOGEL

                      b .unk


              ROBINA BELL MALL

b.Dec.17,1933   in Camas WA.

d.Dec.17,1933 in Camas, WA




                        Children of John Henry and Venus McNames Mall


              PATRICA  MALL

b. .May 29,1936




              PATRICA  BERGER  MALL(adopted by Mrs. Jose Vela, remarried-name now,        

              Mrs. Richard Lewis)

b .unk



              JAMES  HARRIS  MALL(adopted by Alfred and Ruth Harris of  Long Beach,                 


b. unk



                           Children of Izetta Bernice and Harry Elias Hanson


                                    ROBERT  ALLEN  HANSON

                                    b.Feb.1,1939 in Peoria, IL    (A)

                                    m.(1)Jan.20,1962 in Crystal Lake, IL   (D)

                                            BETTY (TWINK) ANN  BROWN

                                            b. July 31,1941 in Madison, WI

                                     m.(2) May 22,1987 in Rhinelander, WI

                                            CHERYL  DRAEGER

                                            b.Oct.3, 1951 in Shawwano, WI




                                     WAYNE   KEITH   HANSON

                                         b.Mar.27,1945 in Aurora, IL    (A)

                                      m.(1) Sept.5,1966 in Sandwich, IL   (D)

                                              JEAN  MARIE  HUTCHISON (HARTMAN)

                                              b.Aug.3,1948 in Sandwich, IL

                                     m.(2) Feb.18,1978 in Aurora, IL. (D)

                                              PEGGY  RENTON

                                              b. unk

























                      Children of Robert Allen and Betty Ann  Hanson


                                                  KATHRYN  JANE  HANSON

                                     b.Oct.19,1968 in McHenry, IL

                                     m.Sept.,1991 in Rheinlander, WS  .  (D)

                                             TOM BLECK


                                     m.(2) Feb.12,2005 in Atlanta, GA    (D)

                                              ARJOMAND RAHIMZADEH

                                               b.Mar.20,1962 in Iran



                                   MATHEW  CRAIG  HANSON

                                    b.Nov.14,1969 in Philadelphia, PN


                                         JOJO MCOSKER

                                         b. unk


                                               Children of Mathew Hanson and JoJo McOsker


                                                       JAYSON MCOSKER

                                                      b. Sept.10,1990 in MN



                                                      TAYLOR HANSON



                                                       LEVI HANSON

                                                       b. Feb.16,1999



                                        JOSHUA  RONALD  HANSON

                              b. June 6,1974 in Arlington Heights, IL

                              d. Sept. 1, 2015 in Rochester, MN













      Stepchildren of Robert Allen Hanson and children of Cheryl Hanson


                           WILLIAM  TEAGUE  ORGEMAN

                      b. Jan.7,1981 (twin)

                      m. Aug. 9, 2008 in Minneapolis, MN

                          Amanda Noonan

                          b. Nov. 11, 1981 in Washington, D.C. 



                            KEELY  ANN  ORGEMAN

                      b. Jan. 7,1981 (twin)




































                 Children of Wayne Keith and Jean Marie  Hanson



      b.Jan.7,1968 in Mesa, CA

                  m.Aug.5,2000 in Las Vegas, NV.

                          TRACY LEIGH SCHUMACKER ENCINAS

                          b.Feb.19,1974 in Watseka, IL


                                  Child of Jeffery and Tracy Hanson


                                 ROWAN JEFFERY HANSON

                                 b. Feb.22,2005 in Sandwich, IL


                                    Stepchildren of Jeffery and children of Tracy Hanson


                                 ANDRES LEE ENCINAS 

                                 b. July 26,1994 in Winfield, IL



                                 MARIAH RENEE ENCINAS

                                 b. Feb. 22,1996 in Winfield, IL







                      PETER  FRANKLIN  HANSON

          b.Dec.26,1970 in Sandwich, IL

          m.Feb.9,1996 in Rolling Meadows, IL

                 JENNIFER  BELLE  GRABER

                 b.Nov.21,1971 in Park Ridge, IL




                                Children of Peter Franklin and Jennifer Hanson


                    JACOB RYAN  HANSON

                                b. July 24,1996 in Park Ridge, IL



                    MAX  HUNTER  HANSON

                                 b.Feb.12,1999 in Geneva, IL





               Children of Franklin Louis and Margaret Wilheminia Klotz Mall


                                               GERALD LOUIS  MALL

                           b.Sept.13,1934 in Sandwich, IL

                                       m. April 6,1954 in

                                               ADALYN  JEAN  FRIEDRICH

                                               b.Oct.24,1936 in LaSalle, IL



                                        PATRICIA  ANN  MALL

                                        b.Nov.27,1935 in Sandwich, IL

                                        m.Dec.12,1953 in Sandwich, IL

                                                RONALD  DEAN  WALLIS

                                                b. June 19,1934 in Sandwich, IL

                                                 d. Feb. 13, 2013 in Sandwich, IL































             Children of Gerald Louis and Adalyn Jean Mall


                                         DOUGLAS  JOHN  MALL

                   b.Sept.26,1954 in Sandwich, IL

                   d. Nov. 20, 2017 in Raleigh, N.C.

                   m. May 8,1976 in Sandwich, IL

                        MARCIA  LEA  CARLSON

                        b.Aug.20,1954 in Sandwich, IL


                                                 Children of Douglas John and Marcia Lea Mall


                         DANIEL  JOHN  MALL

          b.Aug.16,1982 in Sandwich, IL

          m. Aug. 2, 2008 in Chapel Hills, NC

               ANNA KNAUS

               b. Feb. 25, 1983


                                                 KRISTEN  LEA  MALL

           b.Jan.1,1982 in Sandwich, IL

           m. Jan. 23,2013

              JEREMIAH WALLEY

                b. Mar. 10, 1983


                Children of Kristen and Jeremiah Walley


                 LENA MAE WALLEY

                 b. Jan. 24, 2015


                HARLAN DAVIS WALLEY

                b. Nov.9, 2017
















                                     GAY  LYNN  MALL

                                      b.Mar.22,1957 in Sandwich, IL

                                      m.Sept.25,1982 in Sandwich, IL

                                           WAYNE  MORRIS  ASH

                                            b. Feb24,1953 in Morris, MI


                                               Children of  Wayne Morris and Gay Lynn  Ash


                         JOEL  BRADLEY  ASH

         b.Mar.3,1983 in Sandwich, IL

         m. Nov. 17, 2013 in Cancun

              SHANNON CHAMBERS

              b. April 20, 1973






 Step children of Joel and children of Shannon Ash



May 16, 2001



b. May 14, 2003



                                               SARAH  JEAN  ASH       

                                               b.Feb.13,1986 in Sandwich, IL

                                               m. Mar. 30,2013 in Chicago, IL

                                                     JOSEPH  DANGELO

                                                     b. Jan. 30, 1980


                                       Child of Sarah and Joseph  Dangelo


                                                    ETHAN JOSEPH DANGELO

                                                    b. Nov. 7, 2017





                        LAWRENCE  GENE  MALL

                        b.Oct.2,1958 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.(1)May 28,1983 in Sandwich, IL         (D)


       b.Jan.16,1963 in Aurora, IL

 m.(2)June 28,2003 in Sycamore, IL


       b.Feb.5,1969 in Rochelle, IL


                        Children of Lawrence Gene and Jane Elizabeth Mall


             MEGAN  LEE  MALL

b.Dec.20,1985 in Sandwich, IL



                                                  AMANDA  MARIE  MALL

b.Mar.2,1989 in Sandwich, IL


                Stepchildren of Lawrence and children of Denise Mall


                       DEREK DICKSON















Children of Patricia Ann and Ronald Dean Wallis


                    KEVIN  LOU  WALLIS

 b.Nov.27,1954 in Sandwich, IL

 d.Oct.25,1978 in DeKalb Co., IL

 m.Feb.14,1976 in Rollo, IL


     b. July 29,1948 in Mendota, IL


  Child of Kevin Lou and Rita Wallis



b. July 21,1976 in Mendota, IL

m. Dec. 31, 2013





                                        Stepchild of Kevin Lou and child of Rita Wallis



                                        b. June 12,1970 in Mattoon, IL

                                        m. July 26, 2015

                                            SILVIA BOULTON

                                            b. May 11, 1977                                                                  


                                           Child of Christopher and Silvia Rhea


                                                 CHRISTOPHER ASHLEY RHEA

                                                 b. Feb. 18, 2014


                                Stepchildren of Christopher and children of Silvia Rhea


                                                  JEREMIAH BOULTON

                                                  b. July 30, 2007


                                                 ABIGAL BOULTON

                                                 b. June 12, 2008







                    KENDYL  GENE  WALLIS

                    b. April 2,1956 in Sandwich, IL

                    m.Mar.9,1976 in Sumpter, SC    (D)

                       CINDY LOU FLOWERS

                        b.Sept.8,1959 in Effingham, IL

                 Children of Kendyl Gene and Cindy Lou Wallis


                                                RYAN  GENE  WALLIS

b.Feb.13,1977 in Sandwich, IL

m June 4, 2004 in Sandwich, Il.


    b. Aug. 29,1983 in Sandwich, IL


      Child of Ryan and Rachel Wallis



        b. June 20, 2008 in Aurora, IL 



                                             JASON  DAVID  WALLIS

                                             b.Nov.29, 1978 in Sandwich, IL.

                                             m. Mar. 1, 2008 in Hichory, NC

                                                   DAWN ANDERSON

                                                   b. May 2, 1981 in Lenois, NC


                                                child of Jason and Dawn Wallis


                                                   JULIAN WALLIS

                                                    b. Feb.8, 2014


                                                   ANNABELLIA WALLIS

                                                   b. May 27, 2016



                        KYLE  STEPHEN  WALLIS

                        b. July 9,1957 in Sandwich, IL

                        m. May 9,1981 in Sandwich, IL

                            BONNIE  KAY  KELLER

                            b.Dec.9, 1959 in Harvard, IL

                            d. June 29, 2015 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.(2) Nov. 3 ,2018 in Sandwich, IL

                            SHARON ADKINS



                                  Child of Kyle Stephen and Bonnie Kay Wallis


                                      ASHLEY  NICOLE  WALLIS

                                       b. July 4,1987 in DeKalb, IL


                                         ROBERT KORNICK

                                         b. April 27, 1983 in Naperville, IL


                                             child of Ashley Wallis and Robert Kornick


                                                SOPHIA NICOLE KORNICK

                                                b. April 8, 2008 in Sandwich, IL






                          KARL  MATHEW  WALLIS

                          b.Mar.23,1959 in Sandwich, IL

                          d. Feb. 28, 2011 in Sandwich, IL

                   Children of Margaret Crete and Paul William Reinhart


                          ( IV ) 1. BONITA LOU REINHART

                           b.Aug.27,1936 in  Sandwich, IL

                           d. Sept.27, 2013 in Sandwich, IL

                           m. May 29,1954 in Somonauk, IL.   (D)

                               ROBERT  EARL  BUTLER

                               b .April 2,1930 in Clinton Twp., DeKalb Co., IL.

                               d. April 1, 2000 in Wilson Twp., MI


                          ( I V) 2. WILLIAM  EDWARD  REINHART

                     b.Jan.19,1940 in Sandwich, IL



































           Children of Bonita Lou and Robert  Earl Butler


                                  JEFFERY  ALLEN  BUTLER

               b.Dec.14,1954 in Sandwich, IL (twin)

               m. May 17,1975 in Plano, IL      (D)

                   BEVERLY  JEAN  SIMMONS

                   b. July 24,1957 in Plano, IL

               m.(2) Dec.12,1981 in Sandwich, IL(D)

                 SHARON  LYNN  BRIGGS  HARTER

                   b. June 4,1948 in Hinsdale, IL


                        Children of Jeffery Allen and Sharon Lynn Butler


                                          ELIZABETH  ANN  BUTLER (A)

    b.Nov.12,1969 in Aurora, IL

    m.Dec.31,1988 in Newark, IL      (D)


        b. April 26, yr. unk

    m.(2) Mar.14,1992 in Newark, IL(D)


        b. Oct. 4, yr. unk

    m.(3)July 5,1996 in Niagara Falls, N.Y.


        b.Sept.17,1962 in Joliet, IL

    m. (4) date unk

        Dave Argenta

          b. unk



           children of Ronald and Elizabeth Ann Inman


                   NICKOLAS  ALLAN  INMAN

b.Nov.22,1989 in Sandwich, IL


                                                         TIFFANY  KAY  INMAN

b. Mar. 31,1991 in Sandwich, IL



                         Child of Steven Thompson and Elizabeth Ann Thompson


                     AMANDA  MARIE  THOMPSON

bSept.20,1992 in Sandwich, IL





                   Children of Jeffery Allen and Sharon Lynn Butler


                                      JAMES  PHILLIP  BUTLER  (A)

b.Dec.9,1971 in Aurora, IL

m.Aug.3,1990 in Aurora, IL.(D)



m.(2) Dec.16,1995 in  Colorado Springs, CO   (D)


    b.Feb.24,1979 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

m.(3)m date unk

    Stacie Riesley





                                     Child of James Phillip and Rhonda Butler


                     MICHAEL  ALLEN  BUTLER

b. April 14,1991 in Colorado Springs, CO


                                                           Child of James Phillip and Julie Lawrence Butler


                                                           ASHLEY  LYNN  BUTLER

b. June 11,1996 in Colorado Springs, CO

d. June 11,1996 in Colorado Springs, CO(stillborn)


                                                            Child of James Phillip and Stacie Butler


                                                             LEACIE NICOLE BUTLER

                                                             b. May 26, 1999



                                        MATHEW  MICHAEL  BUTLER (A)

                                        b.Aug.23,1978 in Sandwich, IL

                                        m. Sept2,2000 in Newark, IL

                                             Diana Rae Schwars



                                               Child of Mathew Michael and Dian Rae Butler


                                                    COLE MICHAEL BUTLER

                                                     b. Oct.27,2003


                                                     MADISON MARIE BUTLER

                                                     b. Aug.11, 2006



                                         SARAH  LYNN  BUTLER

                                         b.Aug.29,1984 in Sandwich, IL





                                   JOHN  ANDREW  BUTLER

                                    b.Dec.14,1954 in Sandwich, IL(twin)

                                    d. Dec. 28, 2008 in Venice, FL

                                    m.Dec.19,1977 in Sandwich, IL  (D)

                                             DEBBIE  WEIS

                                             b. July 24,1955 in Macoupin Co., IL



                                            Child of John Andrew and Debbie Butler


                            KRYSTAL  LYNN  WEIS

            b.Dec.4,1974 in Macoupin Co., IL

            m.Aug.24,2002 in Girard, IL

                 MARK EUGENE GARST

                 b. May 18,1971 in Springfield, IL



                                                         children of Mark Eugene and Krystal Lynn  Garst


                                                                       BAILEY KAY GARST

            b,May18,1999 in Litchfield, IL



                                                               KARSON ANDREW EUGENE GARST

             b. May,9,2003 in Litchfield, IL















                                         PAULA  ELAINE  BUTLER

                                         b.Feb.10.1956 in Sandwich, IL

                                         m.Sept.28,1974 in Plano, IL

                                             MICHAEL  JOHN  NAGY

                                             b. July 23,1955 in Aurora, IL



                                          Children of  Paula Elaine and Michael John Nagy


                            JUSTIN  MICHAEL  BUTLER

        b. May 25,1972 in Aurora, IL

        m.Aug.5,1992 in Sandwich, IL

                                                      TAMMIE  MARIE  BRAURE

            b. April 11,1975 in Aurora, IL



                      Children of Justin Michael and Tammie Marie Butler


                  JUSTIN  MICHAEL BUTLER,JR

                                                                  b. May 14,1993 in Aurora, IL


                                                                   JOHNATHAN  GREGARY  BUTLER

                                                                   b.Dec.1,1994 in Aurora, IL



                               SHAYLA  NICHOLE  BUTLER

                                                                   b.Aug.17,1996 in Aurora, IL




                                                  GENA  ELAINE  BUTLER

     b. April 29,1974 in Aurora, IL

     m.Sept.30,1995 in Sandwich, IL


            b.Sept.11,1974 in Sandwich, IL











             Children of Cory David and Gena Elaine Davidson




                                                    NATHAN  SCOTT  DAVIDSON

                                                    b. in Aurora, IL



                            JASON  MICHAEL  DAVIDSON

                            b. in Aurora, IL


                                                                   EMMA GRACE DAVIDSON

                              b. in Aurora, IL


































                               MARTIN  EARL  BUTLER

                       b.Aug.24,1957 in Sandwich, IL

                                m. May 28,1977 in Plano, IL        (D)

                                    COLLEEN  ADELE  GOCKEN

                                    b.Mar.17,1958 in Aurora, IL

                                m.(2)Mar.12,1991 in Rogers, AR

                                    PAMELA  SUE  ROGERS

                                    b. April 30,1962 in SanLuis Obispo, CA



                                                      Child of Martin Earl and Colleen Adele Butler


                                               KRYSTOFER  MARTIN  GOCKEN

                                               b.Dec.28,1976 in Aurora, IL

                                               Partner: (disolved)

                                                    BARB  KONCZAK

                                                    b. July 1,1977 in LaSalle, IL



                                                               Child of Krystofer Gocken and Barb Konczak


                  ANAVRIN  GRACE  GOCKEN Butler

b.Feb.12,1996 in Peru, IL


                                                     Child of Martin Earl and Colleen Butler


                                                         LORELEI CRISTAL BUTLER

                                                         b. Jan. 2,1980 in Aurora, IL



                                                                Child of LORELEI BUTLER


                                                                    GWENDOLYN DAYANA BUTLER

                                                                     b. Dec. 9,2000 in Aurora, IL


                                                    Child of Martin Earl and Pamela Butler


                              BRANDIN EARL  BUTLER

                                                      b. May 5,1986 in Sandwich, IL








                                          Stepchild of Martin Earl and daughter of Pamela Sue Butler


                           BRANDI  MARIE  ANDERSON

                                       b.Sept.6,1981 in Aurora, IL

                                       Partner: dissolved

                                                JOSEPH HEINZIMN

                                                 b. unk

                                       Partner: dissolved

                                                 SCOTT WAYNE RYE



         Child of Brandi and Joseph Heinzimn



                                               b. April 21,2000 in Rogers, AR


                                             Child of Brandi and Scott Rye


                                                LEVI SCOT ANDERSON

                                                b. Jun24, 2002 in Rogers, AR      



























                        WILLIAM  ROBERT  BUTLER

          b.Oct.21,1958 in Sandwich, IL

           m. April 28,1980 in Sandwich, IL(D)

               NANCY  LYNN  FOX

               b.Dec.12,1960 in Albany, NY

           m(2)May 8,1998 in Geneva, IL

               CAROL  JEAN  BORN

                              b.Dec.17,1956 in Naperville, IL


                  Children of William Robert and Nancy Lynn Butler


                     JACOB  PAUL  BUTLER

b.Nov.15,1981 in Aurora, IL


                                             JENNIFER  LYND  BUTLER

b. July 15,1985 in Aurora, IL

m. date unk


     b. date unk


     children of Jennifer and William Jass



       b. Mar. 2006 in Iowa



        b. Aug. 25, 2010


                            Stepchildren of William Robert and Children of Carol Jean Butler



b. July 22,1975 in Naperville, IL


                                              BARBARA  ROSE  FLETCHER

b. Sept.13,1979 in Naperville, IL

m. ?


     b.Feb.9,1977 in Aurora, IL


               Child of Barbara and Richard Hernandez



                 b.Oct.14,2003 in Aurora, IL



b.Aug.21,1985 in Aurora, IL



                          JANE  EILEEN  BUTLER

                          b. June 20,1960 in Sandwich, IL                                                            

                          m.Mar.24,1989 in Sandwich, IL

                               JOSEPH  ALBERT  LATHAM

                               b.Jan.20,1952 in Sandwich, IL



                                            Children of Jane Eileen and Joseph Albert  Latham


                    KRISTIN  LOUISE  LATHAM

b. June 29,1989 in Aurora, IL

partner: Kevin Hanson


    Child of Kristin Latham and Kevin Hanson


      Tripp Anthony Joseph Hanson

      b. June 1, 2011 in Sandwich, IL


                                            REBECCA  LYNN  LATHAM

b.Nov.5,1993 in Aurora,

























          Children of Charles William and Luella January Mall


                        CHARLES  WILLIAM  MALL, JR.

      b. July 14,1938 in Sandwich, IL

      d. May 12,2001 in CA.

      m. May 10,1965 in Las Vegas, NV (D)

           LINDA  GRIFFETH


      m.(2) 1991 in CA

      BARBARA ?



                                    THOMAS GARY MALL

                                     b.Oct.3,1943 in Sandwich, IL

                                     m.Dec.24,1968 in Sycamore, IL  (D)

                                          PAMELA ANN TALENT

                                          b. Feb. 15,1950 in Sandwich, Il.



                                    DEBORAH ANN MALL

                                     b.Nov.11,1945 in Sandwich, IL

                                     m. June 3,1967 in Sandwich, IL

                                          JAMES ALLAN REINEMANN

                                          b.Dec.1,1944 in San Diego, CA

                                          d. Sept. 12, 2012


                                    SUSAN ALICIA MALL

      b.Nov.7,1948 in Sandwich, IL

      m.Oct.1,1977 in Truckee, CA


           b.Jan.21,1943 in Texarkana, TX

















  Child of Charles William and  Linda Mall


           ELIZABETH  NICLOE  MALL (legally changed name             

           from Elizabeth to ALEX )   

           b.Dec.20,1965 in Los Angeles, CA

                                          m. June 20, 1997


b. June 9, 1959


    Children of Elizabeth and Frank Palatella



       b. Sept. 24, 1998



       b. Sept. 25, 2001


                                                Stepson of Elizabeth and child of Frank Palatella


                                                 NICOLAS WILLIAM PALATELLA

                                                 b. Oct. 4, 1994



























                   Children of Thomas Gary and Pamela Ann Mall


                                        JACQUELYN  ANN  MALL

        b.Feb.3,1970 in Sandwich, IL

        m. May 28,1998 in Sandwich, IL

             GERALD  WEBER

             b  .April 13,1965 in Sandwich, IL




                                                     Children of Gerald and Jacquelyn Ann Weber


                                                          CASSANDRA  LEE  ANN  WEBER

                           b.Mar.19,2003 in Sandwich, IL


                           SUNDARA ROSE WEBER

                            b. April 5, 2008 in Sandwich, IL




                              EDWARD  CHARLES  MALL

                               b. April 27,1971 1971 in Sandwich, IL

                               m. Aug.31,2000 in Paw Paw, IL

                                   DENISE  ROBERTS

                                   b. April 1974 in Aurora, IL



                                           Child of Edward Charles and Denise Mall


              MADISON  MALL

         b.Oct.10,2001 in Winfield, IL














Children of Deborah Ann and James Allan Reinemann


                             DAVID  JAMES  REINEMANN

                        b.Dec.18,1967 in Nurnberg, West Germany

                        m.Oct.16,1993 in Gurnee, IL

                             VICTORIA  REMINGTON

                              b.Dec.3,1966 in East Point, GA


                                             Children of DAVID JAMES and VICTORIA REINAMANN


                                                                        JAMES  THOMAS REINEMANN

                                                                            b.Sept.25,1998 in Carrollton, TX


                                                                            ELIZABETH VICTORIA REINAMANN

                                                                            b. Mar. 29, 2007 in Woodlands, TX


                                                   HEIKA  MARY  REINEMANN

                                                    b.Oct.14,1971 in McHenry, IL

                           m.June25,1994 in Gurnee, IL

                                JEFFORY  HIBBERT

                                b.Dec.25,1969 in Quincy, IL


                               Children of JEFFORY and HEIKA MARY HIBBERT


                                  ELIJAH  CURTIS  HIBBERT

                             b.Jan.9,1998 in Seattle, WA


                                                                     LIAN CHARLES HIBBERT

                             b.Jan.29, 2003 in Seattle, WA


                                                      KARLA  BAIE  REINEMANN

                                                       b.Aug.11,1976 in Waukegan, IL

                                           m.Aug.15,1998 in Zion, IL    

                                                             JACOB  EDWARD  MIHALAK

                                                             b.Feb.21,1976 in Monterey, CA


                                                            Children of KARLA BAIE and JACOB MIHALAK


                                                              CALVIN JACOB MIHALAK

                                                               b. July 9,2004 in Miami Beach, FL


                                                               WARNER MARTIN MIHALAK

                                                                b. July 3, 2006 in Miami Beach, FL


                                                                 HENRY MIHALAK

                                                                 b. Aug. 31, 2010 in Fairfax, VA






              Children of Susan Alicia and Martin Richard Munday


                                          AARON  ELLLLIOT  MUNDAY                                            

                                           b. July 7,1987 in Reno, NV (twin)

                                           d. July 27,1987 in Reno, NV


                                          ROSE  WHITNEY  MUNDAY                             

                                           b. July 7,1987 in Reno, NV(twin)



































          Children of Luella Marie and Jacque Edmond Waite


          JOSEPH  E. WAITE

                                   b. July 20,1947 in Crawfordsville, IN

        m.May25,1968 in Belvidere, IL     (D)

              DIANA  MORRIS


                                    m.(2)Aug.30,1980 in North Plato, IL

                                         RUTH  ANNE  SEYLER




                                     PATRICK LOUIS WAITE

                                     b.Oct.16,1948 in Sandwich, IL

                                     m.Sept.20,1970 in Belvidere, IL

                                          RUTH KATHLEEN MCCLATCHEY

                                          b.Sept.4,1948 in Herren, IL



                                      DENISE ELAINE WAITE

                                      b.Sept.28,1952 in Sandwich, IL

                                      m.Mar.6,1975 in Belvidere, IL  (D)

                                           ALBERT EDWARD BECKER

                                           b.Nov.9,1946 in Newberry, MI



                                     DAVID DEAN WAITE

                                      b.Oct.1,1957 in Sandwich, IL

                                      m.Oct.10,1981 in Belvidere, IL

                                           LINDA DENISE YOUNG


















                                                    Child of Joseph E. and Diana Waite



       b.Dec.3,1968 in Belvidere, IL(later adopted by  

                James Gray, Diana’s second husband)



                                                     Child of Joseph E. and Ruth Anne Waite



        b.Feb.8,1986 in Elmhurst, IL(A)

        m. June 2, 2012 in Elgin, IL

             MINDY ANN SCOTT

             b. Aug. 7, 1982


Stepchildren of Mathew and children of Mindy Waite 



b. Feb. 2, 2004



b. Mar. 7, 2007     























                                               Children of Patrick Louis and Ruth Kathleen Waite



       b. July 8,1969 in Anchorage, AK(twin)

                   (child of Ruth and adopted by Patrick)

      m. July 7,1990                     (D)

                                                            MICHAEL  BAROSKI



                                                            DAVID SCHEOPF, JR.





                                                              Children of David and Theresa Marie Scheopf


                                                               JOSEPH  PHILLIP  SCHEOPF




                                                               NICHOLAS  ALLEN  SCHEOPF




                                       MARY  SUE  WAITE

                                                             b. July 8,1969 in Anchorage, AK (twin)

                                                                 (child of Ruth and adopted by Patrick)

                                                             m.Nov.26,1996             (D)

                                                                  MICHAEL  SHULL





                                                 AMY  COLLEN  WAITE

                                                                          b.Aug.26,1971 in Belvidere, IL













                                                 JACQUELYNE  PATRICE  WAITE

                                                  b.Feb.18,1975 in Belvidere, IL

                                                  m. June 1,1996                      (D)

                                                       BRETT  ALLEN  FARNSWORTH


                                                   m.(2)Aug.7,2005 in Popular Grove, IL

                                                       GREG SNEEK





                                                   Stepchild of Jacquelyne  and child of Brett Farnsworth








                                                   Child of  Jacquelyne  Patrice and  Brett Allen  Farnsworth


























                     Children of Denise Elaine and Albert Edward Becker


                                  TRAVIS  WILLIAM  BECKER

                            b.Jan.14,1979 in San Diego, CA

                            m. April  6, 2018

                                       CHRISTINA ANN HAVER

                                        b . May 18, 1978


                             stepchild of Travis and child of Christina Becker

                               Gabriel Emory Haver-Brown

                                b. Oct.6, 2004


                                   IAN  WESLEY  BECKER

                             b.Dec.15,1980 in San Diego, CA

                             m. June 24, 2006 in Las Vegas, NV      (D)

                                  JENNIFER DIANE KAYTON

                                   b. Mar 13, 1982 in Virginia Beach, VA

                             m. (2) April 20,  2013

                                   HEATHER JEAN PECK

                                   b. Mar. 16, 1983


                                       Child of  IAN and JENNIFER BECKER


                                          WESLEY JACK BECKER

                                            b. May 3, 2007 in Virginia Beach, VA


                                        Children of IAN and HEATHER BECKER


                                          ANABELLE JEAN BECKER

                                          b. Dec. 1, 2013 in Virginia Beach, VA


                                          FREYA WHITNEY BECKER

                                          b. Sept. 12, 2016



                                              DREW  WHITNEY  BECKER

                                               b.Nov.20,1982 in San Diego, CA

                                               d. May 29, 2015 in Florence, S.C.










                                               CHANNING  MARIE  BECKER

                                               b.Aug.15,1984 Hampton, VA

                                               m. March 28, 2009 in Wood Hills, CA  (D)

                                                     Miguel Morales

                                                     b. May 18, 1983 in ,Guatemala Central America

                                                     m.(2)Mar. 25, 2014

                                                          CURTIS RINEER

                                                          b. Oct. 30, 1969





                                                  Child of Channing and Miguel Morales


                                                          ELENA MARIE MORALES

                                                          b. Sept. 26, 2009 in Wood Hills, CA


                                                        Child of Channing and Curtis Rineer


                                                         JULIA JANE RINEER

                                                         b. Oct.30,2013




                                               HAYLEY  CHRISTINE  BECKER

                                               b.Sept.26,1986  in Virginia Beach, VA

























                                            Children of David Dean and Linda Denise Waite


                                                                                 ZACHARY  DAVID  WAITE


                                                                                 m. May 25, 2016

                                                                                      LAURAN CHRISTINE SACKIEWICZ

                                                                                     b. Sept. 26, 1988



                                                                                JACQUE  EUGENE  WAITE

                                                                                b. May 4,1990



                                                                                MARLORIE  LYNN  WAITE

                                                                                 b. July 13,1992

                                                                                 m. March 5, 2015

                                                               CODY JAMES ROBERT COLLINS

                                b. Nov. 12, 1992


























                       Children of Vivian and James Robert McMaster


                                                            STEPHEN  JAMES  MCMASTER

                                                             b.Jan.1,1947 in Sandwich, IL.

                                                             d. April 11, 2014 in Somonauk, IL

                                                             m.Dec.23,1965 in Plano, IL        (D)

                                                                 CHRISTINA  AGNES  MOORE

                                                                  b.Oct.31,1949 in Dowagiac, MI

                                     m.(2)June 1950 in Sandwich, IL      (D)

                                                                  PEGGY LEE

                                                                  b.1950 in Sandwich, IL

                                                                  d. date unk

                                                             m.(3)Mar.19,1984 in Geneva, IL  (D)

                                                                  KAREN  SUE   KELLEN  BULLOCK

                                                                  b. April 29,1944 in Aurora, IL

                                                             m.(4) Feb.14,1997 in Sycamore, IL

                                                                  KAREN  SUE  KELLEN  BULLOCK  MCMASTER

                                                                  b.April29,1944 in Aurora, IL



                                                             MARY LOU MCMASTER

                                                             b.Feb.8,1948 in Sandwich, IL

                                                             d. Jan. 7, 2008 in Morrison, IL

                                                             m.Sept.30,1966 in Sandwich, Il.

                                                                   GARY LEE SCRAGG

                                                                    b. April 9,1945 in Burlington, IA




                                        JAMES ROBERT MCMASTER,JR.

                                                                b.Dec.17,1948 in Sandwich, IL

                                                                m. July 29,1966 in Lancaster, MO   (D)

                                             JENNIE LOU CANTRELL

                                             b. Mar.21,1948 in Smithville, MS

                                             d. Feb. 2009 in WI

                                        m.(2) Sept.19,1975 in Plano, IL         (D)

                                             JENNIE LOU CANTRELL MCMASTER

                                             b.Mar.21,1948 in Smithville,  MS

                                             d. Feb. 2009 in WI

                                        Partner.met,1980                                 (dissolved)

                                             JOLENE ANN REINBOLT

                                             b.Aug.10,1961 in Sandwich, IL

                                        m.(3) June 20,1992 in Sandwich, IL

                                             JANET  KAY BEVERAGE BRACKETLYSON

                                             b.Sept.17,1959 in Sandwich, IL



                                          RICHARD HENRY MCMASTER

                                          b. May 1,1950 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m. Oct.14,1966 in Lancaster, MO   (D)

                                               TERRY ANN MARTIN

                                                b.Sept.16,1950 in Buckhannon, WV

                                           m.(2) Dec.21,1979 in Morristown, TN(D)

                                                SHERRY GAIL MCDANNIELS

                                                b. July 31,1957 in Morristown, TN

                                          m.(3) Feb.12,1983 in Morristown, TN(D)

                                                DONNA ARWOOD

                                                b.Sept.20,1959 in Morristown, TN

                                          m.(4)Oct,1995 in Morristown, TN(D)

                                                SHERRY GAIL MCDANNIELS MCMASTER

                                                b.July31,1957 in Morristown, TN

                                           m.(5) July 8,1990 in Gatlinburg, TN    (D)

                                                ALETHA RHODORA WILDER

                                                b.Mar.26,1958 in Hamblin Co., TN

                                           m.(6) Nov.21,2002 in Gatlinburg, TN

                                                 EMMA RUTH HANCOCK CROSS

                                                 b.Nov.26,1967 in Cookeville, TN



                                         . MARK LOUIS MCMASTER

                                            b.Dec.20,1960 in Sandwich, IL

                                            m. May 25,1984 in Plano, IL

                                                 NANCY REED

                                                 b.Sept.16,1961 in Aurora, IL

                                            m.(2) June 20,1987 in Sandwich, IL

                                                 THERESA FAY DAVIS

                                                 b.April20,1965 in Pana, IL
















            Children of Stephen James and Christina Agnes McMaster


                                                                 STEPHEN  JAMES  MCMASTER.JR.

                                                                 b.Nov.10,1966 in Sandwich, IL

                                                                 m.Dec.17,1988 in Miss  .(D)

                                                                      RENE  GRAVES

                                                                      b. Jan.31,1973 in Miss.

                                                                      d. 2012


                                                                         Child of Stephen James, Jr. and Rene McMaster


                                                                         CHRISTOPHER MCMASTER

                                                                          b. Mar.17,1991 in Miss.



                                                                LISA  RENE  MCMASTER

                                                                b. June 24,1968 in Sandwich, IL

                                                               m. June 8,1985 in New Mexico        (D)

                                                                    SCOTT GRAVITT

                                                                    b.Aug.5,1966 in Ill.

                                                               m.(2)Nov.24,1989 in Ill.                  (D)

                                                                    MARK  SHOEN

                                                                     b. unk

                                                                m.(3)Aug.3,1997 in Ind.                 (D)

                                                                     JUSTIN YOUNG

                                                                     b.Oct.13,1973 in Orange  Co., Cal.

                                                                 m.(4) Oct.3,2003 in Geneseo, IL   (D)

                                                                     MATHEW  SHAWN  HARDEN

                                                                     b. April 24,1968 in Geneseo, IL

                                                                 m. July 1, 2017 in North Liberty, IN

                                                                      BRIAN SELNER

                                                                      b .April 30, 1965


                                                                 Children of LISA and SCOTT GRAVITT


                                                       EMMA  LUCILLE  GRAVITT


                                                                                 m. July 30,2004          (D)

                                                                                       TIM FITZWATER

                                                                                        b. unk

                                                                                m. (2) April 8, 2017

                                                                                        BRANDON HALLBERG

                                                                                       b. Oct. 3, 1985




                                                                              Children of EMMA and  TIM FITZWATER


                                                                                        LILLIAN RENE FITZWATER

                                                                                        b. Mar. 1, 2007 in Moline, IL


                                                                                        ISABELLE LOLA JULIANNE FITZWATER

                                                                                        b. April 28, 2008 in Ft. Wayne, IN

                                                                                        d. April 21, 2009 in North Liberty, IN


                                                                        Child of EMMA FITZWATER and MICHAEL SICHLING


                                                                                          MICHAEL ROBERT SICHLING,JR

                                                                                           b. Sept. 19,2011 in Hammond, IN


                                                                   Child of EMMA FITZWATER and BRANDON HALLBERG


                                                                                   ETHAN WAYLON JAMES HALLBERG

                                         b. Jan. 10, 2016



                                                                                ANDREW  GRAVITT

                                                                                b. July 31,1987


                                               Children of Mark and Lisa Rene Shoen


                                                     REBBEKKA  SHOEN



                                                              SEAN MOODY

                                                               b. unk

                                                     m. May  5, 2017

                                                             NOAH HESS

                                                             b. Sept.7,1996


                                                   Children of REBBEKKA SHOEN and SEAN MOODY


                                                                  DONAVIN JOSEPH MOODY

                                                                  b. Feb. 5, 2009 in Peoria, IL (twin)


                                                                 ANDERSON XAVIER MOODY

                                                                  b. Feb. 5, 2009 in Peoria, IL (twin)








                                            Children  of REBBEKKA SHOEN


                                                                LEILAND SHOEN

                                                                b. July 23, 2012


                                                                CHAZE SHOEN

                                                                 b. Dec.30, 2013        




                                              ALLEN  SHOEN



               Stepchild  of LISA and  child of BRIAN SELNER


                             KENNETH SELNER







                                   BRIAN  CHRISTOPHER MCMASTER

                 b..Nov.22,1971 in Sandwich, IL



Stepchildren of  Stephen James and children of Karen Sue McMaster


 MICHAEL  WILLIAM  BULLOCK                                                                                                       

b.Nov.23,1963 in Aurora,

m.Feb.4,1984                             (D)



m.(2)date unk

                  CHRISTINE ?                      (D)

     b. unk

m.(3)July 3,1998                       (D)


     b. unk

                 m.(4)unk                                  (D)

     NATALIE ?

     b. unk





 Children of Michael William Bullock



       b.Jan.8, 1985


                             AMY  BULLOCK



                             AMANDA  BULLOCK




                                                  CYNTHIA  SUE  BULLOCK

              b. May 31,1966 in Aurora, IL

              m.Aug.12,1989 in LaSalle Co., IL

                         STEVE EDWARDS




                                Children of Steve and Cynthia Edwards


                                MELISSA BULLOCK

   b.Mar.26,1984 in Aurora, IL

   m. Sept. 26, 2015 on Utica, IL

       Brandon Cartwright

          b. April 1, 1980 in LaSalle, IL


            Child of Melissa and Brandon Cartwright



            b. Jan. 17, 2018




   b.Oct.25,1988 in Aurora, IL


       Children of Jason Edwards and Angelia Fritz


         Kent Edwards

         b. Mar. 17, 2015 in Sandwich, IL


                                               Quinn Edwards

                                                b. Nov. 21, 2017



               b.Dec.31,1990 in Aurora, IL



                                                JAMES  EDWARD  BULLOCK

                     b. Mar. 23,1968 in Aurora, IL

                     m. Feb.14,1996                 (D)

                          BILLIE  JO  BACHLOR

                          b.1968 in Aurora, IL



       Children of James Edward and Billie Jo Bullock



b. Sept.28,1991


                                     NATASHIA  BULLOCK

b. June 4, 19?































   Children of Mary Lou and Gary Lee  Scragg


                              CYNTHIA  LOU  SCRAGG

                               b. Feb.2,1968 in Sandwich, IL

                               m.Aug.29,1992 in Sandwich, IL  (D)

                                    NICHOLAS   GLENN  HUSBAND




                                                Children of Nicholas Glenn and Cynthia Lou Husband


                                               SHELLY  NICHOLE  HUSBAND

                                                (child of Cynthia and adopted by Nicholas)                                                                                                                                                  

                                               b.Nov.11,1985 in Galesburg, IL

                                               m. Nov. 12, 20009 in Ottawa, IL

                                                    JASON STAMBERGER




                                                Children of Shelly Husband and Jason Stamberger


                                                         DOMINIK STAMBERGER

                                                          b .July 7,2005 in LaSalle, IL


                                                          ASHTYN WAYNE STAMBERGER

                                                          b. April 8, 2010 in Mendota, IL


                                                          HARPER LOU STAMBERGER

                                                          b. May 10, 2012 in Mendota, IL



                                                NICHOLAS  DEAN LEE HUSBAND

                 b.Jan24,1994 in Mendota, IL


                         BROOK Muldoon

                         b. May 26, 1992


             Child of Nicholas Dean Husband an Brook Muldoon


                              KEEGAN  EMMETT HUSBAND

                              b. Jan.20,2011 in Mendota, IL








                                                                b.Nov.8, 1969 in Sandwich, IL

                                                          m.Aug.15,1988 in Sandwich, IL.    (D)

                                                     CHRISTOPHER  KIRBY



                                                Children of Christopher and Constance Lee Kirby


                                          AMANDA  JANE  KIRBY

         b.Nov.29,1988 in Sandwich, IL


                Children  of Amanda Jane Kirby


                   CAMRYN JAMES KIRBY

                   b. Feb. 19, 2009 in Peru, IL


                   CHARLEE FORDHAM KIRBY

                    b. Sept. 23, 2013 in Peru, IL 


                    CHLOEY JANE WILLIAMS

                    b. Aug. 4, 2016 in Peru, IL




                                                       b. June 1,1990 in Sandwich, IL


                                                NATHANIEL SMITH

                                                b. 1990

                                           m. May 26, 2018

                                                TONIE OHLENDORF




                                              Child of Molly Kirby and Nathaniel Smith


                                                         ISSAC CHRISTOPHER SMITH

                                                         b.Aug.9,2005 In Peru, Il.


                                                Child of Molly Kirby and Toni Ohlendorf


                                                       ELAINA MARIE OHLENDORF

                                                        b. Mar. 31, 2012 in Peru, IL









                                             CATHLEEN  LOUISE  SCRAGG

                                              b.Sept.1,1973 in Sandwich, IL

                                             m.July10,1993 in Sandwich, IL      (D)

                                                   HEATH  HOLSTEIN


                                             m.(2) March 26, 2011 in Morris, IL

                                                    KEITH STAPLETON          

                                                     b. May 2, 1965


Children of Heath and Cathleen Louise Holstein


                                             .DEVIN  CHRISTOPHER  HOLSTEIN

       b. July 24,1994 in Sandwich, IL





                                              TREVOR  ANDREW  HOLSTEIN

       b.Nov.5,1996 in Sandwich, IL


Child of  Trevor Holstein and Rhiannon Williams


               Alice June Holstein

               b. Jan.11, 2018



  Stepchildren of Cathleen and children of Keith  Stapleton



      b. March 21, 1991 in Joliet, IL



       b. May 14, 1995 in Joliet, IL



       b. March 21, 2001 in Joliet, IL




                                 CRYSTAL SCRAGG

                                  b.Jan.25,1979 in Sandwich, IL

                                  m. June 6,1998 in Sandwich, IL  (D)

                                        DENNY  ALLEN  JOHNSON

                                        b.Feb.13,1976 in Sandwich, IL

                                   m. Oct. 30, 2007 in Sandwich, IL(D)

                                          TRAVIS  WILLIAM  PYLE

                                          b.Feb.2,1976 in Aurora, IL

                                          partner:  SHAWN SMITH

                                                     b. Nov. 19, 1977


                                          Child of Denny Allen and Crystal Lynn Johnson



 b.Aug.5,1998  in Sandwich, IL


                                            Children of Travis William Pyle and Crystal Lynn Johnson



                                              b.Jan.30,2002 in Sandwich, IL


                . VICTORIA PAGE PYLE

                   b. July 5,2005 in Sandwich, IL


Child of Crystal Pyle and Shawn Smith



  b. Mar. 12, 2014



















               Children of James Robert Jr. and Jenny Lou McMaster



     b. April 6,1966 in Sandwich, IL

     m.Sept.13,1982 in MS.             (D)



      m.(2)Jan.25,1996 in Las Vegas, NV

          JOHN  ITHAL

          b.Jan.11,1966 in Chicago, IL


                    Children of Jeri Lynn and Steve Garrison


            .DANIEL  GARRISON

       b.Sept.13,1983 in Sandwich, IL

       m. July 13, 2010

            MELANIE R. MANION

            b. July 9, 1990


                Children of Daniel and Melanie Garrison


                 CONNER MARK GARRISON

                 b. March 20, 2012 in Amberg, Germany


                  WYATT DANIEL GARRISON

                   b. Sept. 10,2015


             DEANA  GARRISON

       b. May 22,1986 in Sandwich, IL

       d. June 26, 2010  


             CORY SCHROEDER

              b. Jan. 7, 1983


             Child of Deana Garrison and Cory Schroeder


                    RILEY ANN SCHROEDER

                    b. July 6,2006 in Aurora, IL


Stepchild of Jeri Lynn and  child of John Ithal


               BRANDI  ITHAL

         b. Feb.15,1990





     b. April 27,1971 in Sandwich, IL





     b.Aug.5,1977 in Sandwich, IL

     m.Nov.10,1997 in Sycamore, IL                  (D)

          RON GRINKA

          b.Sept.8,1975 in Mendota, IL



               Children of Ron and Jamie Lynn Grinka


            BROOK  RENEE  GRINKA

       b.Jan.3,1998 in Mendota, IL



             KELSEY  ANN  GRINKA

       b. April 27,2000



             RACHAEL  ERAN  GRINKA

       b.Feb.17, 2003 in La Porte, IN























                          Child of James Robert Jr. and Jolene Ann Reinbolt


                                     LINDSEY  JOLENE  MCMASTER

                                                             b. June 4,1982 in Sandwich, IL

                                                             m. Sept.10, 2005

                                                                    CHAD MICHAEL KRYWARUCHKA

                                                                     b.Mar.31,1981 in Columbus, MT








               Stepchildren of James  Jr. and children of Janet  McMaster


                                                                 SHANNON   BRACKETLYSON

                                                                  b.Sept.20,1976 in Sandwich, IL

                                                                  m.April18,1998 in LaSalle Co., Ill.   (D)

                                                                       MICHAEL  PARHAM

                                                                        b. July 25,1976



                                                    Children of Michael and Shannon Parham 



 b.Mar.26,1966 in Ottawa, IL




 b.Nov.5,1997 in Ottawa, IL


                                                   TIMOTHY  JAMES  PARHAM

  b.Nov.28,2001 in Ottawa, IL



                                JENNIFER  BRACKETLYSON

                                b. Nov.28,1977 in Sandwich, IL

                                         m. July 4,2002 in Las Vegas, NV

                                              CHRISTOPHER  CLAUSEL

                                              b.Aug.19,1975 in Aurora, IL






                                           JEREMY BRACKETLYSON

                                 b.Mar.19,1981 in Sandwich, IL

                                 m. unk date

                                       CRYSTAL  ALBRIGHT




                                                Child of Jeremy Bracketlyson and Crystal Albright



b.Jan.26, 2001



b. date unk

































                   Children of Richard Henry and Terry Ann McMaster


                                     RICHARD  HENRY  MCMASTER JR.

b. June  16,1967  in Sandwich, IL

m.Aug.16,1986 in Morristown, TN          (D)


     b. ukn

m.(2)Sept.17,1994 in Pigeon Forge, TN


     b.Feb.23,1969 in Logansport, IN


                                Stepchild of Richard Henry Jr. and child of Melissa Kaye McMaster


                                                     JESSICA  LYNNE  BELCHER

b. Oct.10,1990 in Greeneville, TN

m. Oct. 24, 2016


    b. Mar. 27, 1981



                                 KELLY  JEAN  MCMASTER

                                 b.Sept.5,1968 in Sandwich, IL

                                       m.Sept.27,1986 in Morristown, TN          (D)

                                            DONNIE  HOLT

                                            b. July 17,1962

                                       partner 1989                                             (dissolved)

                                           GERALD  ARMSTRONG

                                            b. Mar. 21, 1964 in Kingsport, TN

                                            d. Nov. 18, 2004 in Jefferson Co., TN

                                       m.(2)Dec.31,1996 in Pigeon Forge, TN

                                            CLINTON  HAROLD  ESTES

                                            b.Aug.26,1964 in Hamblin Co., TN


                                                    Children of Gerald Armstrong and Kelly Jean Holt


                                                         JESSICA  KAYSEE  ARMSTRONG

                                                         b. June 9,1990 in Knoxville, TN.(twin)     A (adopted                        

                                                                                                                    by Clinton Estes)  


                                                         CHARLES  STORM  ARMSTRONG

                                                          b. June 9,1990 in Knoxville, TN (twin)    A (adopted

                                                          m. Dec. 4, 2010 in Morristown, TN         by  Clinton Estes)                                              

                                                                Brittany Renea Wellman

                                                                b. Nov. 30, 1989



                                                 Child of Storm and BrittneyArmstrong


                                                           Fitzwilliam Cash Armstrong

                                                            b. Oct.24, 2013


                                            Stepchild of Kelly and  child of Clinton  Estes


                   JARRID  ESTES

                                                   b.Oct.31,1990 in Greenville, TN






































                                       JULIE  ANN  MCMASTER

                                       b.Aug.29,1970 in Sandwich, IL

                                       d. Oct. 16, 2007 in Shabbona, IL

                                       m. date unk                                      (D)

                                            SCOTT  ROBERTSON


                                       m.Dec.15,1998 in Sycamore, IL

                                            JAMES  SCHULZ



                                                   Child of Julie Robertson and  adopted by Scott Robertson


                                                        ASHLEIGH  MCMASTER  ROBERTSON

        b.Dec.9,1988 in Sandwich, IL

        m. Aug. 8,2015 in Elburn, IL

              THOMAS RUSSELL

               b. Aug. 21, 1972


               Child of Ashley  and Stepchild  of Tomas Russell


                    KATLIN LEEANN ROBERTSON

                    b. Oct. 30, 2007 in DeKalb, IL


            Child of Ashley and Tom Russell


                  MADISON MAY RUSSSELL

                 b. July 6,2017


  Stepchild of Ashley and child of Tomas Russell

                 ZACHARY RUSSELL

















                                                    Child of Julie McMaster


                                                                       ADRIENNA  TIERSTAN  MCMASTER

        b. July 27,1996 in Aurora, IL




     Children of Adrienne McMaster and Patrick Turner, Jr.



             b. Feb. 21, 2016 in Elgin, IL



             b. June 14, 2018 in Elgin, IL





                                    Child of  Julie Ann and James Schulz


                                                         ANNA  MARIE  SCHULZ

         b.Mar.14,1999 in Sandwich, IL



 Stepchildren of Julie Ann and children of James Schulz


                                                  ASHLEY  NICOLE  SCHULZ

                                                   b. May 14,1989



b. May 6,1991


                                                  DAVID  JAMES  SCHULZ

    b.Dec,8, 1992


                                                  ELIZABETH  KATHERINE  SCHULZ











                    CLIFFORD  GLENN  MCMASTER

                              b.Sept.2, 1971 in Sandwich, IL

                              m.Nov.11,1989 in Plano, IL  (D)

                                   KATHLEEN GLOVER

                                   b.Jan.26, 1969

                                   m.(2) July 31, 2011 in Sandwich, IL

                                   KATHY JEAN PISHOTTA SMITH

                                   b. July 31, 1956 in Chicago, IL








                  Stepchildren of Clifford and children of Kathy  McMaster


                                       KELLY JEAN SMITH

                                        b. July 13, 1979


                                            Child of Kelly Jean Smith


                                                ALYSON NICOLE SMITH

                                                b. June 16, 2004


                                       RANDY ROBERT SMITH

                                        b. February 5, 1981

                                        m. Nov. 25, 2016

                                             CASSANDRA RODRIQUEZ

                                              b. Jan. 19, 1979


                                                stepchildren of Randy and children of Sandy Smith


                                             CANDICE MELENDEZ

                                              b. May 14, 1998


                                              MIRANDA MELENDEZ

                                              b. July 9, 2003


                                              MAYA ROSE MELENDEZ

                                              b. Jan,31, 2011







                       COURTNEY MARIE SMITH

                         b. October 9, 1985

                         m. July 22,2017

                         JOSHUA KAY

                                           b  Sept. 1, 1984










                                            Children of Courtney Marie Smith


                                                    DAMIEN MICHAEL SONNE-PREUSS

                                                    b. October 7, 2005


                                                     JERSIE MARIE SONNE-PREUSS

                                                     b. October 25, 2007


                                              Children of Courtney and Joshua Kay


                                                     KYLEE JADE KAY

                                                     b. Nov. 12, 2015


                                                     ASHER OWEN KAY

                                                     b. Nov. 17, 2016


                                                      PRESLIN NASH KAY

                                                      b. Aug. 27, 2018



                                           Stepchildren of Courtney and children of Joshua Kay

                                                      MASEN KAY

                                                      b. Sept. 14, 2005


                                                      COLEN KAY

                                                       b. Oct.10, 2010



                                                      LANDEN KAY

                                                      b. Dec. 18 2012





                          Stepchildren of RICHARD and children of EMMA MCMASTER


                                  AMANDA NICOLE CROSS

                                  b.Aug.16,1986 un Carthage, TN


                                  ASHLEY MICHELLE CROSS

                                  b. May 4, 1988 in Carthage, TN

                                  m. Sept. 8, 2013 in Cookeville, TN

                                              KELLY MITCHEL NUNLEY

                                               b. June 15, 1980 in Cookeville, TN


                                        Child of Ashley  and Kelly Mitchell  Nunley


                                                   AYDEN LAYNE NUNLEY

                                                   b. Jan. 13, 2011 in Cookeville, TN


                                   BRADLEY SHANE CROSS

                                   b. Jan. 19, 1991 in Carthage, TN



























                            MARK  LOUIS  MCMASTER

                             b..Dec.20,1960 in Sandwich, IL

                             m. May 25,1984 in Plano, IL               (D)

                                         NANCY  REED

                                          b.16,1961 in Aurora, IL

                              m.(2)June 20,1987 in Sandwich, IL

                                          THERESA  FAY  DAVIS

                                           b. April 20,1965 in Pana, IL



                                 Child of Mark Louis and Theresa Fay McMaster


                   MARK LOUIS  EUGENE  MCMASTER

              b.Aug.8,1997 in Mount Vernon, IL  (A)

































                             Child of Verian and Norman DuWayne  Johnson


                                       SHERYL LYNN JOHNSON

       b. Mar.8, 1947 in Sandwich, IL

        m. June 23,1976 in Sandwich, IL           (D)

             KENNETH  ALLEN  HAGAR

             b. June 24,1945 in Sandwich, IL

        m.(2)Oct.7,1976 in Bremerton, WA

             BRUCE  BELL

             b. May 11,1945

             d. Jan. 16, 2010 in Cape Coral, FL


Children of Verian and Duel Warren


                                        CAROLYN ANN WARREN

                                         b.Oct.17,1949 in Sandwich, IL

                                         d. Jan.31, 2013 in Sandwich, IL

                                         m.Dec.30,1966 in Sandwich, IL  (D)

                                              ROGER ESTES

                                              b.Feb.14,1947 in Sandwich, IL

                                         m.(2) May 18,1981 in LasVegas, NV  (D)

                                              WILLIAM EDWARD HARRIS

                                               b.June21,1948 in Chicago, IL

                                          Partner met: 1990

                                               THOMAS SHANNON

                                               b.Dec.27, 1938

                                               d. 2002 in Fl.


                                           LEE FRANKLIN WARREN

                                           b.Mar.26, 1951 in Sandwich, IL

                                           m. May 1,1971                    (D)

                                                BILLIE JEAN MUNDWILER


                                           m.(2) 1996

                                                CHAROLETTE DUFFY

                                                 b. unk


                                         Children of Verian and William Cassell


                                                     JULIE JEAN CASSELL

                                                     b.Mar.7,1954 in Sandwich, IL.

                                                     d.Jan.26,1955 in Sandwich, IL


                                                     MICHAEL WARNER CASSELL

                                                     b.Nov.28,1957 in Aurora, IL



                                                Children of Verian and William Cassell (cont.)                 


                                                      WILLIAM EUGENE CASSELL,JR.

                                                       b.Sept.3, 1961 in Sandwich, IL

                                                       m.Oct.25,1980 in Sandwich, IL     (D)

                                                            KARRIE LYNN HELIN

                                                            b.Jan.9, 1961 in Sandwich, IL

                                                       m. (2) Nov. 23, 2006 in Campbellsville, KY

                                                             REBECCA ALICE YANCY DIAL

                                                             b. Dec. 20, 1964 in Harrisburg, VA



                              Stepchildren of William and children of Rebecca Cassell



                                                     CAMERON MICHAEL DIAL

                                                     b. Nov. 9, 1992 in Glasgow, KY.


                                                            Child of Cameron and  


                                                                  AUBREY DIAL

                                                                  b. May 23, 2012 in Campbellsville, KY


                                                             Child of Cameron Dial and Brooklyn Garret


                                                                TINLEE GRACE GARRET

                                                                b. Dec.2, 2014 in Campbellsville, KY



                                                       LOGAN WADE DIAL

                                                       b. June 20, 1996 in Lebanon, KY


                                                       MADISON ERIN DIAL

                                                       b. Jan. 14, 2000 in Lebanon, KY














                             Child of  Sheryl Lynn and Kenneth Allen Hagar



  b.Mar.8,1971 in San Francisco, CA



           Child of Sheryl Lynn and Bruce Bell


                       JEFFERSON  ELLIOT  BELL

                                                        b.Feb.19,1979 in Bremerton, WA

                                                        m. June 24, 2007 in New Camden, CT

                                                              ALEXANDRIA BORDEN DUPONT

                                                               b. Feb. 24, 1978 in New Camden, CT        


                                                         Children of Jefferson and Alexandria Bell


                                                            HENRY ELLIOT BELL

                                                            b. May 8, 2011 in New York, NY



                                                           BEATRICE BORDEN BELL

                                                           April 8, 2013 in New York, NY






















                                                  Child of Carolyn Ann and Roger Estes


                   RICHARD  TODD  ESTES

              b.Dec.29,1968 in Sandwich, IL

              m. July 29,1995 in Norway, IL               (D)

                   NICKIE POTMAN

                   b.Aug.27,1975 in Centralia, IL








































                        Children of Lee Franklin and Billie Jean Warren


                                                      .ROBERT  MICHAEL  WARREN

                                                       b. June 16,1972 in Colorado Springs, CO

                                                    m. does not want info released

                                                               b. does not want info released


       child of Robert Warren and wife



           b. 2007



                                                      TIMMOTHY  LEE WARREN

                                                       b.Aug.5,1975 in Aurora, IL

                                                       d.Aug.5,1975 in Aurora, IL


                                               JOSEPH  DAVID   WARREN

                                               b. May 22,1978 in Aurora, IL




























                        Children of Harvey Edward and Dorothy Mall


                               ROY  EDWARD  MALL

        b.Aug.11,1949 in Sandwich, IL

        m.Aug.18,1974 in Skokie, IL

                                           VALERIE  CYNTHIA  ELLIS

             b.Aug.17,1951 in Chicago, IL



                                      REX ALLEN MALL

                                      b.Mar.18,1957 in Sandwich, IL

                                      d.Oct.18,2005 in Loves Park, IL

        m. June 27,1981                     (D)

                                           REBECCA  SUE  LEWANDOOWSKI




 Stepchild of Harvey and daughter of Dorothy Mall



        b. May 22,1943 in Mendota, IL


                                           CHARLES  ANDERSON, JR.

             b. May 20,19? 



 Child of Roy and Valerie Mall


               SAMUEL JOSEPH MALL

                b. July 21,1979 in DeKalb, IL



Children of Rex and Rebecca Mall


                RIKKI LYNN MALL

                 b.Feb.8, 1984

                 d.Feb.10, 1984


                TY EDWARD MALL

                 b.Dec.31, 1984








Children of Linda and Charles Anderson


                                       SUSAN MABEL ANDERSON

                                        b.Sept.21, 1971

                                        m. April 13,2002

                                             BILL  GEORGE BERNDT




                                       KIMBERLY MAE ANDERSON

                                        b.Mar.6,1965        (A)




                                                      Stepchildren of Susan and children of Bill Berndt


                                                        MELISSA BERNT




                                                        AMANDA BERNDT

                                                          b.Mar.10, 1990



                                                         CY BERNDT

                                                          b. Oct.1, 1992/4





















                    Children of Leslie Walter and Maxine June Mall


              KAY MALL

        b.Feb.19, 1937 in Plano, IL

        m. unk

             GARY REINERT

             b. unk

             d. unk


             MILO  COPPES

             b.Aug.28,1937 in Plano, IL



                                       DAVID  EDWARD  MALL

                                 b. April 13,1938

                                 d. Feb. 13,1996

                                 m.Oct.29,1961 in Plano ,Il.

                                      MARLA  SUE  PUCKETT

                                      b.Nov.10,1942 in Aurora, Il.



                                 RICHARD LEWIS MALL

                                 b.Feb.26,1940 in Plano, IL

                                 m. date unk

                                      DOLLY JEAN LARETTE

                                      b. July 7,1944 in Ottawa, IL





















                          Child of Kay and Gary Reinert


                        BRIDGET LESLIE REINERT

                        b.Mar.24,1959 in Sandwich, IL

                        m. June 6,1974 in Kirksville, MO

                             JOHN ALLEN SIMMONS

                             b.Sept.23,1950 in Sandwich, IL



                           Child of John and Bridget Simmons


                                            JONATHAN COURTNEY SIMMONS

                                            b.Jan.10,1977 in Aurora, IL


                         Child of Kay and Milo Coppes


                        MILO COPPES, JR.

                         b.Mar.30, 1961 in Sandwich, IL




























                         Children of David Edward and Marla Sue Mall


                                     DIANA  TRACY  MALL

       b. April 29,1961 in Sandwich, IL

       m. date unk                                    (D)

            JERRY HAAS

            b. unk  



                                            MICHAEL EDWARD MALL

                                             b.April22,1962 in Sandwich, IL



                                                   TAMMY GREEN

                                                 b. unk



                                              JEREMY WILLIAM MALL

                                              b.Nov.18, 1974 in Aurora, IL


                                                   DAWN WRIGHT

                                                   b. April 19,1976





                                         Children of Diana and Jerry Haas


                      ASHLEY MARIE HAAS

                       b.Dec.26, 1982   

                       m date unk  

                            JACOB N. SULWER




                               Children of Ashley and Jacob Sulwer


                                     IZABELLA ROCHELLE SULWER

                                     b. 2003  



                                   HAYDEN ALEXANDER SULWER

                                    b. June, 2005 




                       TIFFANY ELIZABETH HAAS

                        b.Sept.8, 1987  



                         ZACHARY DAVID HAAS

                         b. March 15,1990 





             Children of Michael and Tammy Mall


                    BRANDON MICHAEL MALL

                     b. March 28,1981  



                 Child of Michael Mall and       ?


                                       MICHAEL LEA MALL    

                                                 b.Jan.7, ?   


                      TYLER DEAN MALL

                       b. July 24,1983   






                    Children of Jeremy and Dawn Mall


                        ALEX JANE MALL

                         b.Sept.27, 1996  



                         KEEGAN EDWARD MALL

                         b .August 18,2002  



                         GRACIE MARIE ELIZABETH  MALL

                          b. March 13,2004








 Children of Richard Lewis and Dolly Jean Mall



    b.Oct.19, 1959 in Wichita Falls, Tex.

    m. July12, 2000

         DAN WILSON

         b.   unk



              Children of Susan and Dan Wilson

                      DEREK WILSON

                      b. unk



                      DANIELLE WILSON

                      b. unk



                                          JOE  R. MALL

      b.Dec.20,1964 in Mendota, IL

      m. March 12,1990   

          ANGIE SEIBLE

           b. unk


          Children of Joe and Angie Mall


                       TYLER MALL

                        b.  unk



                       JANELLE MALL

                         b. unk



                                      RUSSELL  ALLEN  MALL

        b.Dec.2, 1969 in Sandwich, IL

        m.Sept.23, 2003 

            GRETCHEN KEMP

            b. unk



                                    CHRISTAL  JEAN  MALL

b. July 8,1971 in Sandwich, IL




                        Children of Lucille Walthena and John Albert Riley






                    ( do not wish information released)








































                Children of Raymond John and Mary Magdalena Mall


                .LARHEA  MARIE  MALL

           b.Aug.14, 1941 in Camas, WA


                CLARENCE  GILLESPIE

                 b. unk


                 JERRY  STEELE




            GLORYANN MALL

             b.Nov.22,1943 in Camas, WA


                   MIKE BRACE




             MARILYN RAE MALL

             b.Jan.2,1951 in Vancouver, WA

             m.Aug 1965

                   JAMES ELLIS


             m. (2)date unk





              .JANINE FAYE MALL

               b.Jan.2, 1951 in Vancourver, WA


                     JEFF LIGHTHEART




               FAY ANGELA MALL

               b.Jan.13,1954 in Vancouver WA


                    REID BLACKBURN

                    b.Aug.11,1952 in Washington, DC

                   d. May 18,1980 on Mount St Helen in Washington( when it                          




          Children of Clarence and LaRhea Steele

    .MICHAEL  LEW  STEELE (adopted by ClarenceSteele)

                                           b. unk



     DAVID  RAYMOND  STEELE(adopted by Clarence Steele)

                                           b. unk



                                    Children of Mike and Gloryann Brace



      b. unk




      b. unk


           CHERYL  ANN  BRACE

      b. unk




                                 stepchildren of __Broconlee  and children of Marilyn Broconlee

                                                          JAMES  RAYMOND  ELLIS(BROCONLEE)



                                                         TODD  ANTON  ELLIS(BROCONLEE)

       b. unk


                                 Children of Jeff and Janine Lightheart



                                                         b. unk


                                                         JESSICA  ANN  LIGHTHEART

        b. unk



        b. unk



        b. unk


                                         Children of Walter and (wife) Mall


           .RANDY  MALL

      b. unk

      m.date unk

           name unk




               children of Randy and(wife) Mall


            CHRIS  MALL




            JEREMY  MALL

       b. unk




                                                                   KOREY  MALL

                                                                   b. unk
























This book is to help us know of our family lines. To reach some understanding of where we came.

There are incomplete facts on the John Mall family that was living in Washington and Oregon. I have not been able to contact anyone there to obtain any information other than what I found in 1980. I did find a couple death notices, but not on all the older family members. Perhaps someday someone will find out about them, where they are, are they married, do they have children and grandchildren? 

    I tried to connect Joseph Mall to Edward Mall. I feel he is the uncle that carried Edward and his brother, Joseph Mall to Nebraska.** The historian in Belvidere, Nebraska said “Mall” was not a common name to the area, and the two Mall’s probably were related.

      There are tidbits my father told me about his family. I wish I had asked questions when he was talking about his life as a child. We grow more interested as we get older. Then it is too late to ask questions of the older generations. My father talked about his cousins, aunts, and uncles. I did not know some were only half or step relatives. Dad spoke of them as all the same relationships. Fraz’s family was ONE big family.

     While in Nebraska, I remember visiting an Uncle Henry and his wife. Henry was my father’s uncle. He bred and trained mules. They only responded to the German language because Henry only spoke German. His wife translated for him. The new owners of the mules had to learn the German commands. They had a son that, according to my father, wasn’t very bright but no one was better with the mules. Because all his living aunts and uncles were the same age as he, Dad had difficulty getting documentation of his age for Social Security.

     I remember Dad telling of Walthena’s family. Emma’s husband was a traveling salesman.  Emma went with him frequently, leaving their young baby to stay with an uncle and his wife, Uncle Charley Roseberry. He was the one to give Wathena her name. John Riley did not like the name, and when he and Walthena were married, she changed it to Lucille. I don’t know if Lucille was a second name originally. Emma was lost in a flood while traveling with her husband. It is unknown where or when she drowned.

    Edward and Louis Mall left Nebraska soon after their father died. They went to Illinois to find work .It was reported to them there was lots of farm work to be had in Illinois. Ed worked at farming in Illinois until his early death. Louis farmed until he began draying in Illinois.

    John moved to Washington and Oregon. He married and raised a family in Washington. James went to Illinois, were he lived the rest of his life. George lived his entire life in Nebraska, homesteading many sections in the Sand hills of Nebraska. Charles farmed in Nebraska most of his years until selling his property and moving to Sandwich, Illinois in 1952. James, Charles, and George never married.

   William left Nebraska, and could not be found when his mother died in 1912. My mother finally found him in Alaska. ( I don’t remember how this feat was done.) He came to Illinois in the late 1940’s, marrying Edward Mall’s widow, Verna, in 1949. 

    Louis Mall attended a German settlement school where only German was spoken. He was taught how to read and write in English by Ella after they met and began dating. I don’t know about the other siblings. Aunt Verna probably taught Uncle Ed, but what about the rest? 


    I was told Isabelle was a very short, heavy, woman. I did not know her given name was Isabelle Mary until 1980. It was very confusing to me when there were so many Mary’s in Dad’s family, and I did not know the aunts were not full sisters.

    I’m sorry there is not more information about John Mall’s family. What I do have is 25 years old, so I’m sure there are additions, but I was unable to make contact with anyone there.                                                                                            

   When you find a fact, or even something your not sure about, please write it in this book. Someday maybe someone will need that information to put another family puzzle together

        .Thanks to all of you for any information you have given me.



                                                                             Vivian  Mall  McMaster





** I have found information that makes it improbable for this to be the uncle. This man was in the Army at the time, and upon discharge was married before going to Nebraska.

                                                                               V.M.  Nov.30, 2005





























































                                             Compiled and written by Vivian Mall McMaster