.-MacMaster/McMaster Family


            William Henry McMaster was born May 4,1870 in Ireland. According to his baptism record, he was born May 4,1870 to William Henry and Elizabeth Warnock MacMaster. Abode: Kildarton, Parish of Mullabrack, County of Armagh, Ireland.

             William’s father , William Henry MacMaster,Sr. was born in Wales. He went to Ireland, and there he married Elizabeth Warnock. He was killed in a train accident, leaving  his wife and nine children .It is not known if he was working for the railroad,  was a passenger, or a pedestrian when the accident happened.

            William’s mother, Elizabeth Warnock MacMaster, was born in Armagh, Ireland October 9,1846. She was the daughter of James and Jane Simpson Warnock. She came to Illinois in 1896 with all but one of her children .Her daughter, Jenny, preferred to stay in Ireland. Elizabeth MacMaster lived with various families of her children until her death while living with her daughter, Margaret McMaster Stratton ,on a farm in Victor township, Illinois .She died September 7,1926 of myocardia at the age of  79 years, 10 months, and 28 days. She is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Sandwich, Illinois.

             Their oldest son, William, was the first child to leave Ireland. In 1886 he came to  the United States to live with an uncle in Sandwich, Illinois, and worked at the Sandwich Manufacturing Company.  He saved his money, and in 1896 he went  to Ireland, got his mother and seven siblings, and brought them back with him to the United States. They arrived in Sandwich, Illinois, “U.S. of America” on Saturday, April 18th, 1896.  They all lived in a house William had rented in Sandwich, Illinois. “Bill” supported his family until his marriage to Mary Louise Gregory.  He started farming on a farm with a house big enough for only his  immediate family. 

            The Sir name was spelled MacMaster until legally changed to McMaster by William after he returned from Ireland to Illinois .


                        Children of William and Elizebeth MacMaster


I William Henry McMaster, Jr. m. May 27,1902 in Chicago, IL            Mary Louise Gregory     

 James McMaster               lived in CO     m. date unk                                Elsie ?  

 Robert McMaster              died Oct.10,1907 in CO of T.B.

 Margaret McMaster           m. Nov.28,1901 in Sandwich ,IL(dble wedding)  George Stratton                                                        

 Mary McMaster (Minnie)  m. Nov.28,1 01 in Sandwich ,IL.(dble wedding)    George Ridley                       

 Sarah  McMaster                m. May 9,1900 in Sandwich, IL                       Arthur Brown                       

 Emma McMaster               died at age 22

 Jennie McMaster                m.Feb.14,1899 in Sandwich ,IL                     William Shearman                                                    

 Jane McMaster                   a spinster, stayed in Ireland


                        Children of Otto and Matilda Warnock, all born in Drumgah, Ireland; 


Elizabeth Warnock            married                                                          William McMaster, Jr.

Matilda Warnock               married                                                           Otto Harold

Margaret Warnock             married                                                           Tom Smith

Mary Warnock                   married                                                           John Tate

            (This information about Otto and Matilda’s children was received from Waldo Harold, adopted son of Otto and Matilda McMaster Harold.)



                        Grandchildren of William and Elizabeth McMaster


                              1.Warren Henry Brown                               b.Feb.22,1901

                              2.George Newton Stratton                           b.July 15,1902

                              3.Marcus James Brown                               b.Dec.15,1902

                              4.Pearl Elizabeth Ridley                              b.Feb.13,1903

                              5.William Henry MacMaster                       b.Sept.27,1903

                              6.Gertrude Stratton                                      b.Nov.26,1903

                              7.George Wendall Ridley                            b.June 11,1904

                              8.Arthur Allen Brown                                  b.Sept.25,1904

                              9.Edward Shiland MacMaster                     b.Oct.18,1904

                            10.Samual Edwards Stratton                         b.April 8,1905

                            11.Ester  Mae Brown                                     b.Nov.10,1905

                            12.Ellis Edward Brown                                  b.Nov.10,1905

                            13.James LeRoy Stratton                               b.Nov.28,1906

                            14.William Raymond Stratton                       b.Jan.24,1908 

                            15.Howard Melvin Ridley                             b.Mar.20,1908

                            16.Florance Mildred Ridley                           b.Aug.10,1910

                            17.John Arnold Stratton                                 b.Jan.31,1912

                            18.Robert Henry Stratton                               b.Sept.24,1913

                            19.Lila Margareta Stratton                             b.July 24,1916

                            20.Elizabeth Stratton                                     b.May 27,1918

                            21. James Robert McMaster                          b.Feb.10,1927




                        (Taken from Elizabeth McMaster’s book-Dr.Chase’s Receipts. She had written all of her grandchildren’s names in this book, except James Robert McMaster. He was born after she died, and is written in  a different handwriting.).













            Mary Louise Gregory was born May 10,1884 in Fremont, Nebraska . She was the daughter of Clarence Coleman Gregory and Ella Parsons Gregory.

            Clarence Coleman Gregory was born in 1860 in Michigan. He was the son of Henry  and Josephine Coleman Gregory. He married Ella Parsons June 27,1880 in Plano, Illinois. The divorced, and he was married the second time to Lena Van  Ordstrand. Clarence died 1942/1943 in Wagonmound, New Mexico and is buried on the VanOrstrand lot in a cemetery in Chilicothe, Illinois. The year is mistakenly recorded as 1948 on the tombstone.

            Clarence Gregory was a salesman for The New Idea Company in Sandwich, Illinois. He traveled across the country with his sales, sometimes taking his wife with him. When he did so, the children were left with Ella’ mother, Mary F. Parsons  Shiland.

            Ella Parsons was the daughter of (first name unknown, possibly W.H. or Daniel. I found her listed in a census with a son, Daniel.) _? Parsons and Mary F. Parsons. She was born  May 21,1855 in New York. She married Clarence Coleman Gregory   June 27,1880 in Plano, Illinois. They had two children, Robert and Mary Louise. Robert was born October 4,1881 in Sandwich, Illinois and died June 20,1961 in Oswego ,Illinois. Mary Louise was born May10,1884 in Fremont, Nebraska. Ella died July 30,1902(August6,1902) in Zion City, Illinois of consumption. She died on a train while going to see a “healer” in Zion.

            Mary F.(maiden name unknown) Parsons was born December 1,1837 in Baldwinsville, New York. She and her husband had 2 children. Daniel  was born in 1873  in Massachusetts, and Ella was born May 21,1855.An old newspaper in Sandwich library tells of  Mary and her 2 children living in  Sandwich and being members of the Presbyterian Church. They left New York in 1872.

            Mary F. Parsons married  William T. Shiland December 25,1873 in DeKalb County, Illinois. (Mary Louise Gregory, Mary’s granddaughter, stated William Shiland treated her better than her own father) William Shiland died July 26,1918 in a Nation Military Home at Leavenworth, Kansas. Mary F. Parsons Shiland died October 30,1895 in Denver, Colorado from Asthma.

            Clarence Gregory was the son of  Henry and Josephine Coleman Gregory. Josephine and Henry were married in 1848 in Hamilton, Michigan. Josephine died October 8,1898 in Sandwich ,Illinois. She was in the  vault at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Sandwich, Illinois. Nothing is known of Josephine’s  father, Henry Gregory.


            Josephine S. Coleman was the daughter of Henry and Emily Lumbard Coleman.


                        Children of Henry and Emily Coleman:


                                    1.Pamela Z. Coleman   born March 24,1828       died March 31,1833

                                    2.Marion N.                  born August 21,1829

                              *    3.Josephine S.               born April 8,1831           died October 8,1898

                                    4.Jerome                       born February 8,1835

                                    5.Frances                      born September 23,1831   died 1921

                                    6.Edgar                         born April 4,1838            died August,1920

                                    7.Martha J.                   born August13,1841  died November, 29, 1878                                                                                                                   .                                   8.Lucus R.                    born March 15,1846  died 1863 in the CivilWar                                                



            Henry Coleman was the son of Phineas and Nancy Richardson Coleman. Henry was born May 28,1804 in Middletown Springs, Vermont. He died December 3,1857 in Hamilton, Michigan. He married March 24,1827 to Emily Lumbard. 


                        Children of Phineas and Nancy Richardson Coleman:


1.     Nancy 1795-1854 (2nd. Husband, Benizah Cook)

2.     Hezekiah     born June 20,1797 d.     died Feburary12,1832

3.     Harry           born 1799                      died 1807

4.     Henry          born May 28,1804(married Emily Lumbard)died    Dec.3,1857

5.     Juna             1803-1873

6.     Royal           1805-18 ?                                                                      



            Emily Lumbard  was the daugther of Pierre Lumbard and Dorothy McClure. Emily was born November 7,1809 in Middletown Springs, Vermont. She died April 28,1846 in Hamilton, Michigan. All that is known of her parents is;

                                    Pierre(Peter) Lumbard (Lombard)  was the son of a French Trapper and an Indian girl.

                                    Dorothy McClure  was the daughter of Frank McClure.


            Phineas Coleman  was the son of Gersham Coleman and Mercy Celles. Phineas was born November 25,1768 in Coventry, Connecticut. He died December 19,1845 in Tinmouth Vermont. He was married to Nancy Richardson.


            Nancy Richardson was the daughter of Hezikeah Richardson  and Olive Thompson.. Nancy was  born August 12,1775 in Coventry, Connecticut. She died April 15,1832 in Tinmouth, Vermont.


            Gersham Coleman was   the son of Judah Coleman and Hepzibah (?). Gersham was born July 11,1717 in Coventry, Connecticut. He died August 12,1772. He married Mercy Celles January 3,1744 or 1745.


            Hezikeah Richardson was the son of Captain Amos and Ruth Stiles  Richardson. Hezikeah was born 1754 in Coventry, Connecticut . He died June 23,1814. He married Olive Thompson January 27,1774. Olive Thompson was born 1753 and died 1811.


            Judah Coleman was born in 1687 and died December 22,1759 . His wife’s name was Hepzibah ?.

            Captain Amos Richardson was born March 5,1728 in Coventry, Connecticut.. Amos died in 1802 at the age of 74. He married June 5,1751 to Ruth Stiles. Ruth was born in 1734 and died in 1777.


            William Henry McMaster and Mary Louise Gregory were married May 27, 1902 in Chicago, Illinois. They eloped because Mary’s parents wanted her to marry another man whom she did not want to marry. They stayed at William’s aunt’s home that night.

            Their first children were twin boys that died at birth. Later, they had three sons, William, Edward, and James.

            William and Mary were farmers most of their lives. Bill worked at a factory when he first came to America. He worked at Sandwich Manufacturing in Sandwich, Illinois  until he and Mary were married. They farmed until ill health forced Bill to retire in 1942. They moved into town and lived in the house they bought at 210 East Railroad Street in Sandwich, Illinois until their deaths.


            William McMaster was born May 4,1870 in Ireland. He died September 26,1957 at the DeKalb County nursing home in  Sycamore, Illinois.  Mary  was born May 10,1884 in Fremont, Nebraska. She died March 24,1959 at the Genoa Nursing home in Genoa ,Illinois.


                        Children of William and Mary McMaster ; 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (II). William Henry McMaster, Jr.

                                    b.Sept.19,1903 in Sandwich Township, DeKalb Co., IL

                                    d.Nov.5,1971  in Wickenburg, AZ

                                    m. June 21,1924 in Hinckley, IL, and June 23,1924 in Aurora, IL                                                                     

                                                   (William Sr. did not believe the marriage was legal and                                                          insisted they marry again with him present)

                                     Harriet Mae Wallis

                                    b. July 26,1908 in Gorman, TN

                                    d.Dec.31,1999 in Doniphan, MO


                            ( II).   Edward Shiland McMaster

                                    b.Oct.18,1904 in Sandwich Township, DeKalb Co., IL

                                    d.Dec.12,1986 in Sandwich, IL

                                    m. .March 17,1928                                                         (D)


                                    Alta Vermland

                                    b. May 7,1909




                                                                                                                                            (II)   James Robert McMaster

                                    b.Feb.10,1927 in Sandwich Township, DeKalb Co., IL

                                    d. May 27,2001 in Prophetstown ,IL

                                    m .June 15,1946 in Sandwich, IL


                                    Vivian Mall

                                    b. May 27,1930 in Sandwich, IL


         Children of William Henry Jr., and Harriet Mae Wallis McMaster


                 ( III)  Louise Marie McMaster

                        b. April 3,1925 in Sandwich, IL

                        d.Jan.28,1988 in Ottawa, IL

                        m.Oct.23,1943 in Aurora, IL


                        Raleigh Moore Shifflette

                        b. July 4,1912

                        d.Jan.1,1984 in Ottawa, IL


                                    Children of Louise and Rawleigh Shifflette;


                                 ( IV)   Karen Louise Shifflette

                                                b.Aug.4,1944 in Sandwich, IL

                                                d. Oct. 20, 2015 in Ottawa, IL

                                                m.Mar.26,1968 in Ottawa ,IL.          (D)

                                                       August Freshi ,Jr.

                                                       b.Dec.28,1938 in LaSalle, IL

                                                m(2)Feb.26,2000 in Ottawa, IL

                                                      Walter Wayne Applebee

                                                       b May 24,1941 in Marseilles, IL


                                        Children of Karen and August Freshi ,Jr.


                                                  (V)  Andrew August Freshi

                                                          b.Oct.20,1968 in Ottawa, IL

                                                          Partner: Olivia Rubiol


                                                              Child of Andrew Freshi and Olivia Rubiol


                                                          (VI)  Hillary Renee Freshi

                                                                   b. April 30, 1992


                                                                      Child of Hillary Renee Freshi


                                                                    (VII) Isabella Louise Katrien

                                                                             b. Aug.28, 2008


                                                 (V)    Scott Alexander Freshi

                                                           b.Nov.1,1972 in Ottawa, IL

                                                           m. Oct. 6, 2006

                                                              April Michelle Boor

                                                              b. Nov. 16, 1992



                                                        Children of Scott and April Feshi


                                                         (VI)   Kael Richard Freshi          (A) child of April and                                                                                              .                                                                  b. April 19,2005             adopted by Scott Freshi


(VI)  Raleigh Alexander Freshi

          b. April 7, 2007


  (VI) Kenyon Faye Freshi

          b. Dec. 19, 2013





































                              (IV)    Raleigh Moore Shifflette Jr.(Jr. is not on birth certificate)

                                         b.Nov.9,1946 in Sandwich, IL

                                         m. April 17,1965 in Triumph, IL

                                               Marilyn Kay Olson

                                               b. July 7,1948 in Mendota, IL


                                                    Children of Raleigh  and Marilyn Shifflette


                                              (V)    Kay Mari Shifflette

                                                         b.Aug.22,1965 in Bainbridge, MD


                                                             Richard Shorter

                                                             b.Sept.2,1960 in Chicago, IL

                                                             d. Dec. 17, 2015


                                                               Children of Kay and Richard Shorter


                                                             (VI)  Stephenie Kay Shorter

                                                                     b.Nov.29,1982 in Mendota, IL


                                                                         Derek Mum




                                                                          Children of Stephenie and Derek Mumm


                                                                      (VII)  Kelly Mari Mumm

                                                                                b.April 28,2001



                                                                     (VII)  Evan Jon Mumm

                                                                               b .April 10,2002


                                                                     (VII) Aaron Mumm

                                                                               b. April 1, 2003


                                                   (VI)   Mindy Sue Shorter

                                                             b.Dec.26,1983 in Mendota, IL

                                                             m. Sept. 8, 2006

                                                                 Michael Wayne Sandel

                                                                 b. Jan. 31, 1981







                                                          Children of Mindy and Michael Sandel


                                                              (VII) Madison Mari Sandel

                                                                       b. Nov. 25, 2008


                                                            (VII) Mackenzie Joye Sandel

                                                                     b. Feb. 12, 2012



                                                    (VI)  Joshua Wade Shorter

                                                             b.Aug.15,1986 in Mendota, IL

                                                             m. Dec. 29,2007

                                                                 Jennifer Lynn Kuhn

                                                                 b. Sept. 24, 1986


                                                                         Children of Joshua and Jennifer Shorter


                                                                    (VII) Landon Alan Shorter

                                                                             b. April 17, 2009


                                                                    (VII) Audrey Lynn Shorter

                                                              b. Sept. 18, 2012



                                 (V)    Kimberly Marcia Shifflette

                                           b. May 11, 1972 in Mendota, IL

                                           m. Nov. 22, 2002

                                                Christopher Allen Kahl

                                                b. April 10, 1974 in DeKalb, IL


                                                    Child of Kimberly and Christopher Kahl


                                                  (V)  Peyton Glenn Kahl

                                                          b. Feb. 11, 2004 in Chandler, AZ




                                  (V)    Kirsten Melody Shifflette

                                            b. July 29, 1977 in Mendota,IL

                                            m. Feb. 14, 1999          (D)

                                               Andrew VanDorsten

                                                b. Mar. 31, 1977 in Battle Creek, MI

                                           m.(2)Aug. 8, 2008        

                                                Brandon Scott Myers

                                                 b. Feb.19, 1984 in Geneva, IL



                                            Children of Kirsten and Andrew VanDorsten


                                             (VI) Alexander Raleigh VanDorsten

                                                     b. Sept.22, 1999 in Peru, IL


                                            (VI)  Karly Mari VanDorsten

                                                     b. Feb.21, 2001 in Peru, IL








































       (IV           Rosemarie Elaine Shifflette

                        b. July 26,1949 in Sandwich, IL

                        m. April 21,1967 in Rockford, IL               (D)

                           Dennis David Harer

                           b.Aug.21,1948 in New Richmond, WI


                                    Children of Rosemarie  and Dennis Harer


                             (V)  Dennis David Harer, Jr.

                                     b.Sept.4,1967 in Ottawa, IL



                            ( V)  Bethany Kay Harer

                                     b. May 4,1970 in Ft. Bragg, N.C.

                                     m.Dec.26,1999 in Lakewood, WA

                                         Brian Caldwell

                                         b. unk                                                                                           




                                       Child of Bethany and Brian Caldwell


                                                       (VI) Bryanna Caldwell

                                                              b.Jan.7,2002 in Lakewood, WA



                                   (V)     Rebekak Lyn Harer

                                               b. April 8,1974 in Ottawa, IL

                                               m. May 1996 in Ottawa, IL

                                                         William Koehler



                                                             Child of Rebekah and William Koehler


                                                      (VI)  Raven Storm Koehler

                                                               b. Dec. 3, 1996 in Ottawa, IL










        (IV)         Cathy Ann Shifflette

                        b.Oct.2,1950 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.Sept.4,1971in Morris, IL                                (D)

                             Orville Silas Norem

                             b. Mar. 20,1935in Marseilles, IL



                              Children of Cathy and Orville Norem


                         (V)      Eric Matthew Norem

                                     b.Oct.24,1972 in Ottawa, IL

                                    m. date unk  (D)

                                       Lori Reibel

                                    m. (2) June 16, 2011



                                     child of Eric  and Lori Norem


                                      (VI  Logan Wayne Norem

                                              b. June 23, 1995



                         (V)       Stacy Lynn Norem

                                      b.Oct.12,1973 in Morris, IL



                                            Child of Stacy Norem

                                      (VI)      Sydni Rose Hersch

                                                   b.Aug.7,1997 in Fargo, ND



                           (V)   Nicole Renae Norem

                                    b.Feb.12,1984 in Ottawa,IL



                           (V)   Aron Michael Norem

                                    b.Oct.5,1988 in Ottawa, IL






                (IV)  William Clarence Shifflette


                        d.Oct.1954(he lived three days)




             (IV)    Aimee Jean Shifflette

                        b. July 31,1957   in Mendota, IL

                        m. April 19,1986

                            Paul Jonassen



                                                     Child of Aimee and Paul Jonassen


                                          (V) Jonathan Michael Elliot Jonassen   (A)

                                                b. Sept. 26, 1987 in Kankakee, IL

                                                        m. Mar. 12, 2011                 (D)

                                                             Gina Menke

                                                              b. April 14, 1981

                                                        m.(2)date unk

                                                             Jennifer Renee Greif

                                                             b. May 21, 1990


                                             Child of Johathan and Jennifer Jonassen


                                                               Kegan Renee Jonassen

                                                               b. June 20, 2015











(III)      2.Clarence  Duwayne McMaster

            b. April 20,1926 in Sandwich, IL

            d.Oct.3,1986 in Big Rapids, MI

            m. May 17,1948

                 Dorothy Grace Alice Riis.



                                             Clarence and Dorothy McMaster had no children.





                (III) Ruth  Josephine   McMaster

                        b.Oct.10,1933 in Sandwich, IL


                           Theadore Ormsby

                           b.Jan.30,1928 in Doiphan, MO

                           d. March 1, 2015



                             Children of Ruth and Theadore Ormsby;


                             (IV) Crystal Lee Ormsby

                                    b.Oct.5,1951 in Aurora, IL



                            (IV) Judy Ann Ormsby

                                    b. April 24,1953 in Aurora, IL

                                    m.Nov.6,1971 in Sandwich, IL

                                         Terry Booth

                                         b. June 2,1951



                                               Children of Judy and Terry Booth;


                                          (V)     Jeremy Jennings Booth

                                                     b. July 11,1974 in Sandwich, IL


                                          (V)      Lisa Ann Booth

                                                     b. July 14,1978 in Altamont, IL

                                                     m. Oct. 16, 2004

                                                        Mike Powers

                                                        b. May 23, 1974


                                                          Children of Lisa and Mike Powers


                                                     (VI) Rylie Powers

                                                             b. May 9, 2009 (A)


                                                     (VI) Louie Powers

                                                             b. Dec. 4, 2010




                        (IV)     William James Ormsby

                                    b.Oct.17,1954 in Aurora, IL

                                    d.Sept.23,1991 in Kane Co, IL



  Children of Edward Shiland and Alta Vermland McMaster;


(III)  Donald Edward McMaster

 b.Sept.15,1928 in Sandwich, IL.

d.Jan.5,1969 in Streamwood, IL

m. date unk in Geneva, IL                                    (D)


   Kathren Singles .

   b. unk

   d.Aug.29,2002 in MI

                      m.(2) date unk

   Frances Olivia

                          b. Dec.10,1939



                                                                  Children of Donald and Kathren McMaster;


            (IV)    John McMaster




            (IV)     Robert Lee McMaster

                        b.Dec.4,1947 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.Jan.15,1971 in Huntingdon, PA

                                                   Betty Jean Baker

                           b.Feb.3,1954 in Huntingdon, PA.


                                                Children of Robert and Betty McMaster


                        (V)     Robert Carlton McMaster

                                   b. April 20,1975 in Huntingdon, PA



                            (V)  Melissa Jean McMaster

                                   b.Sept.2,1979 in Huntingdon, PA



                                                          Children of Melissa McMaster and Charles  Miller


                                       (VI)  Charles Glenn Miller,Jr.

                                                b.Oct.11,1996 in Huntingdon, PA                                                                  


                                       (VI)    Austin Lee Miller




                             (V)  Sharon Renea McMaster

                                    b.April25,1972 in Huntingdon, PA



                             (V) Danielle Marie McMaster

                                    b. June 30,1984 in Huntingdon, PA


                           Children of Donald and Frances McMaster;


             (IV)    Scott McMaster

                        b. June 3,1961

                        m .appox. 1992/1993

                                                  Diane _?_




            (IV)    Brenda Kay McMaster

                                             b.Mar.4,1959 in Chicago, IL


                                                    Santi Jimongkonkul

                            b.Oct.4,1956 in Nakahon Pathon, Thailand


                                Children of Brenda and Santi Jimongkonkul


                               (V)   Komsan Antone Jimongkonkul

                                       b.Sept.16,1983  in White, NC



                             (V)    Santina Marie Jimongkonkul

                                       b.Oct.15,1991 in Conway, SC



                              (V)    Sonita Lynn Jimongkonkul

                                       b.Aug.18,1993 in Conway, S.C.



                              (V)     Katrina Nicole Jimongkonkul

                                        May 15,1996 in Conway, SC








            (III)     Russell Ugene McMaster

b.Sept.17,1930 in Sandwich, IL

d. June 21,2000

m.Feb.6,1949 in Rapid City, SD

                            Marcella McKay

    b.Dec.28,1932 in Gettysburg, SD



            Children of Russell and Marcella McMaster


                (IV) Linda McMaster

                        b.Feb.4,1950 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.Feb.25,1976 in Park Ridge, IL


                                                Miguela Hernandez

                        b.Nov.24,1951 in Mexico



                             Children of Linda and Miguela Hernandez


                            (V) Michael Hernandez

                                  b. April 25,1976 in Park Ridge, IL



                            (V) Robert Hernandez

                                   b. June 27,1979 in Park Ridge, IL




                (III) Junior Edwin McMaster

b.Sept.9,1934 in Sandwich, IL

d.Mar.31,1951  in Chicago, IL



                (III)    Dolores Jeannette McMaster

  b. May 18,1935 in Sandwich, IL

  d. Oct. 2002

  m.Mar.24,1951 in KY

                             Joseph   Theodor Thompson



                          m(2)Oct.21,1958 in Sandwich, IL

      Earl Robert Littlebrant

      b.Jan.11,1939 in Govenneur, NY

      d. April 22, 2011 in Loslart, IL


  Children of Dolores and Joseph Thompson


    (IV) Joseph Theador  Thompson, Jr.

            b. Mar.24,1953 in Sandwich IL

            d.Mar.24,1953 in Sandwich, IL


    (IV).Roxane Lea Thompson

            b.Nov.4,1956 in Sandwich, IL

            m. July 19,1979 in Hinckley, IL                   (D)

                                        Jerry Wayne Ladson

                b. Sept. 19,1950 in Woolcote, IN



                        Children of Roxane and Jerry Ladson


                       (V) Sara Beth Ladson

                              b. Oct.7,1979 in Sandwich, IL

                              d.Oct.7,1979 in Sandwich, IL.


                      (V) Dana Jeannette Ladson

                               b.Dec.12,1980 in Sycamore, IL


                              Child of Dana Ladson

                                (VI)  Torin Robert Wayne Ladson

                                          b. Jan. 9,2002

                                          Res. Oswego, IL


             Children of Dolores and Earl Littlebrant


              (IV) Earl Robert Littlebrant, Jr.

                     b. Oct.6,1961 in Sandwich, IL

                    m. June 6,1983

                                                Brenda Lynn Johnson

                       b.Dec.4,1967 in St.Charles or Batavia, IL



                        Children of Earl Jr. and Brenda Littlebrant


                          (V)  Amanda  Lynn Littlebrant

                                  b.April,1987 in Sandwich, IL


                         (V)  Andrea Marie Littlebrant

                                  b. June 27,1991 in Sandwich, IL


                          (V) Heather Littlebrant


               Children of James and Vivian McMaster





        (III)          Stephen James McMaster

                        b.Jan.1,1947 in Sandwich, IL

                        d. April 11, 2014 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.Dec.22,1965 in Plano, IL                     (D)

                            Christina Agnes Moore

                             b.Oct.31,1949 in  Dowagiac, MI

                        m.(2) June 7,1980 in Sandwich, IL          (D)

                             Peggy Lee Peeler

                             b.1950 in Sandwich, IL

                             d.  date unknown

                        m.(3) Mar.19,1984 in Geneva, IL             (D)

                             Karen Sue Kellen Bullock

                            b. April 29,1944 in Aurora, IL

                        m.(4) Feb.14,1997 in Sycamore, IL

                             Karen Sue Kellen Bullock McMaster

                             b. April 29,1944 in Aurora, IL




























                     Children  of Stephen and Christina McMaster;


                                       (IV)  Stephen James McMaster, Jr.

                                                b.Nov.10,1966 in Sandwich, IL

                                                m.Dec.17,1988 in MS                     (D)

                                                   Rene Graves

                                                   b.Jan.31,1973 in MS

                                                   d. date unk



                                                     Child of Stephen Jr. and Rene McMaster


                                                  (V)   Christopher McMaster

                                                           b.Mar.17,1991 in MS






























                               (IV)          Lisa Rene McMaster

                                                b.June24,1968 in Sandwich, IL

                                                m. June 8,1985 in NM        (D)

                                                   Scott Gravitt

                                                   b.Aug.5,1966 in IL

                                               m.(2)Nov.24,1989 in IL              (D)

                                                        Mark Shoen


                                               m.(3)Aug.3,1997 in IN               (D)

                                                       Justin Young

                                                       b.Oct.13,1973 in Orange Co., CA

                                               m.(4)Oct. 3, 2003 in Geneseo, IL(D)

                                                       Matthew Shawn Harden

                                                       b. April 4,1968 in Geneseo, IL

                                               m.(5) July 1, 2017

                                                      Brian Selner

                                                      b. April 30, 1965


                                             Children of Lisa and Scott Gravitt;


                                                (V)     Emma Lucille Gravitt


                                                           m. July 30, 2004     (D)

                                                              Tim Fitzwater

                                                           partner: Michael Sichling

                                                                         b. Jan. 9, 1986 in Munster, IN

                                                           m.(2) April 8, 2017

                                                                    Brandon Hallberg

                                                                    b. Oct. 3, 1985


                                                          Children of Emma and Tim Fitzwater


                                                    (VI)     Lillian Renee Fitzwater

                                                                b. March 1, 2007 in Moline, IL


                                                    (VI)    Isabelle Lola Julianne Fitzwater

                                                               b. April 28, 2008 in Ft Wayne, IN

                                                               d. April 21, 2009 in North Liberty, IN


                                                          Child of Emma Fitzwater and Michael Sichling


                                                    (VI)  Michael Sichling, Jr.

                                                             b. Sept. 19, 2011 in Hammond, IN




                                       Child of Emma and Brandon Hallberg


                                                   (VI) EthanWaylon James Hallberg

                                                           b. Jan. 10, 2016


                                         (V)     Andrew Gravitt

                                                     b. July 31,1987


                                                  Children of Lisa and Mark Shoen;


                                          (V)    Rebbekka Shoen


                                                    partner: Sean Moody      (dissolved)

                                                    partner: DuWayne Shaw

                                                    m. May 5, 2017

                                                              Noah Hess

                                                          b. Sept. 7, 1996


                                                             Children of Rebbekka Shoen and Sean Moody


                                                      (VI)  Donavin Joseph Moody

                                                               b. Feb.5, 2009 in Peoria, IL (twin)


                                                       (VI) Anderson Xavier Moody

                                                               b. Feb.5, 2009 in Peoria, Il; (twin)


                                                              Children of Rebbekka Shoen and DuWayne Shaw


                                                       (VI) Leiland James Shaw

                                                               b. July 27, 2012

                                                       (VI) Jhase Michael Shaw

                                                               b.Dec. 30,2013



                                    (V)   Allen Shoen




                                (IV) Brian Christopher McMaster

                                        b.Nov.22,1971 in Sandwich, IL














                 Step-children of  Stephen  and children of Karen McMaster


                                                     Michael William Bullock

                                                     b.Nov.24,1963 in Aurora, IL

                                                     m.Feb.24,1984                   (D)

                                                     m.(2)date unk                     (D)

                                                     m.(3)July 3,1998                (D)

                                                     m.(4)2002                           (D

                                                         Children of Michael Bullock;


                                                               Vickie Bullock



                                                               Amy Bullock




                                                               Amanda Bullock                                                     



                                                    Cynthia Sue Bullock

                                                    b. May 31,1966 in Aurora, IL

                                                    m.Aug.12,1990 in LaSalle Co., IL

                                                        Steve Edwards



                                                              Child of Cynthia Bullock


                                                                  Melissa Bullock

                                                                  b.Mar.25,1984 in Aurora, IL

                                                                  m. Sept.26,2015 in Utica, IL

                                                                     Brandon Cartwright

                                                                     b. April 1, 1980 in LaSalle, IL


                                                            Children of Cindy and Steve Edwards


                                                                    Jason Edwards

                                                                    b.Oct.25,1988 in Aurora, IL

                                                                    m. Angelia Fritz

                                                                       Children of Jason  and Angelia  Edwards


                                                                          Kent Edwards

                                                                          b. Mar. 17, 2015 in Sandwich, IL


                                                                         Quinn Edwards

                                                                         Nov. 21, 2017



                                                           Brittney Edwards

                                                           b.Dec.31,1990 in Aurora, IL





                                                James Edward Bullock

                                                b.Mar.23,1968 in Aurora, I

                                                m.Feb.14,1996                               (D)


                                                     Children of James Bullock;                                          


                                                               Rebbecca Bullock




                                                               Natcha Bullock

                                                               b. June 4,1995




















             (III)     Mary Lou McMaster

                        b.Feb.8,1948 in Sandwich, IL

                        d. Jan. 7, 2008 in Morrison, IL

                        m.Sept.30,1966 in Sandwich, IL

                             Gary Lee Scragg

                              b. April 9,1945 in Burlington, IA


                                   Children of Mary and Gary Scragg;


                             (IV)     Cynthia Lou Scragg

                                          b.Feb.2,1968 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m.Aug.29,1992 in Sandwich, IL(D)

                                               Nicholas Glenn Husband




                                               Children of Cynthia and Nicholas Husband;


                                           (V)     Shelly Nichole Husband (dau.of Cynthia, adopted.by                                                                                                            

                                                      b.Nov.11,1985 in Galesburg, IL                    Nicholas)

                                                      m. Nov. 11, 2010

                                                           Jason Stamburger

                                                           b. July 12, 1982


                                                        Children of Shelly and Jason Stamburger


                                                  (VI)  Dominik Stamburger

                                                           b. July 7, 2005 in LaSalle, IL


                                                  (VI)  Ashtyn Stamburger

                                                           b. April 8, 2010 in Mendota, IL


                                                  (VI)  Harper Stamburger

                                                           b. May 10, 2012 in Mendota, IL



                                           (V)    Nicholas  Dean Lee Husband

                                                      b.Jan.24,1994 in Mendota, Ill.

                                                      Partner: Brook Muldoon


                                                       Child of Nicholas Husband and Brook Muldoon


                                                     (VI) Keegan Emmett Husband

                                                             b. Jan. 2, 2011 in Mendota, IL



                                  (IV) Constance Lee Scragg

                                          b.Nov.8,1969 in Sandwich, Ill.

                                          m.Aug.15,1988 in Sandwich, Ill.         (D)

                                              Christopher Kirby


                                          partner: Charles Burger (since 1999)

                                               b.Feb.2,1965 in Aurora, IL



                                          Children of Constance and Christopher Kirby;


                                           (V)     Amanda Jane Kirby

                                                      b.Nov.29,1988 in Sandwich, Ill.


                                                         Children of Amanda Kirby


                                                   (VI)   Camryn James Kirby

                                                             b. Feb. 19, 2009 in Peru, IL


                                                   (VI)    Charlee Fordham



                                                   (VI)   Chloey Jane






                                           (V)     Molly Elaine Kirby

                                                      b. June 1,1990 in Sandwich, Ill.

                                                      Partner: Nathanial Smith

                                                      m. May22 ,2018

                                                                Toni Ohlendorf

                                                                    b. Aug. 11, 1987


                                                          Child of Molly Kirby and Nathaniel Smith


                                                   (VI)  Issac Christopher Smith

                                                            b. Aug. 5, 2005 in LaSalle, IL


                                                            Child of Molly Kirby and Toni Ohlendorf


                                                    (VI)  Elaina Marie Ohlendorf

                                                             b .March 30, 2012









                                (IV)   Cathleen Louise Scragg

                                          b.Sept.1,1973 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m. July 10,1993 in Sandwich, IL              (D)

                                               Heath Holstein

                                               b. Mar. 18,1971

                                          m.(2) March 26, in Ottawa, Il

                                              Keith Stapleton

                                              b. May 2, 1965



                                               Children of Cathleen and Heath Holstein;


                                           (V)     Devin Christopher Holstein

                                                      b. July 24,1994 in Sandwich, IL


                                           (V)     Trevor Andrew Holstein

                                                      b.Nov.5,1996 in Sandwich, IL

                                                      partner: Rhiannon Williams



                                                   child of Trevor Holstein and Rhiannon Williams


                                          (VI)                Alice June Holstein

                                                                 b. Jan. 11, 2018




                       Step children of Cathleen and children of Keith Stapleton


     Melissa Stapleton

b. March 21, 1991 in Joliet, IL



                                                           Keith Stapleton, Jr.

b. May, 14, 1995 in Joliet, IL


                                                           Mason Stapleton

                                                           b. March 21, 2001 in Joliet, IL





                                (IV)   Crystal Lynn Scragg

                                          b.Jan.25,1979 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m. June 6,1998 in Sandwich, IL                     (D)

                                               Denny Allen Johnson

                                               b.Feb.13,1976 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m.(2) Oct. 30, 2007 in Sandwich, IL             (D)

                                              Travis William Pyle

                                              b.Feb.25,1976 in Aurora, IL

                                          partner: Shawn Smith


                                               Child of Crystal and Denny Johnson


                                          (V)      Valerie   Ann Johnson

                                                      b.Aug.5,1998 in Sandwich, IL



                                                Children of Crystal Johnson and Travis Pyle




                                          (V)      Vanessa Elizabeth Pyle

                                                      b.Jan.30,2002 in Sandwich, IL


(V)           Victoria Page Pyle

            b. July 5, 2005 in Sandwich, IL



      Child of Crystal Pyle and Shawn Smith


 (V)  Violet Marylynn Smith

         b. Mar. 12, 2014














            (III)      James Robert McMaster , Jr.

                        b.Dec.17,1948 in Sandwich, IL

                        m. July 29,1966 in Lancaster, Mo.                      (D)

                             Jenny  Lou Cantrell

                             b.Mar.21,1949 in Smithsville, MS


                          m.(2)Sept.19,1975 in Plano, IL                              (D)

                             Jenny Lou Cantrell McMaster

                             b.Mar.21,1949 in Smithsville, MS

                             d. date unk

                          Partner: met  1980                                             (dissolved)

                              Jolene Ann Reinbolt

                              b.Aug.10,1961 in Aurora, IL

                          m.(3)June 20,1992 in Sandwich, IL

                              Janet Kay Beverage Bracketlyson

                              b.Sept.17,1959 in Sandwich, IL































                   Children of James and Jenny McMaster


                              (IV)     Jeri Lynn McMaster

                                          b. April 6,1967 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m.Sept.13,1982 in MS                    (D)

                                              Steve Garrison


                                          m.(2)Jan.25,1996 in Las Vegas,  NV

                                               John Ithal

                                               b.Jan.11,1966 in Chicago, IL


                                                 Children of Jeri and Steve Garrison


                                          (V)           Daniel Garrison

                                                      b.Sept.13,1983 in Sandwich, IL

                                                      m. July 13, 2010

                                                           Melanie Manion

                                                           b. July 9, 1990

                                                               Children of Daniel and Melanie Garrison


        (VI)  Connor Mark Garrison

                 b. March 20, 2012 in Amberg, Germany


        (VI)  Wayne Daniel Garrison

                 b. Sept. 10, 2015



                                            (V)    Deana Garrison

                                                      b.May22,1986 in Sandwich, IL

                                                      d. June 26, 2010 in Plano, IL

                                                      partner: Cory Schroeder


                                                                 Child of Deanna Garrison and Cory Schroeder


      (VI)     Riley Ann Schroeder

                b. July 6, 2016 in Aurora, IL         


                                                  Stepchild of Jeri and child of John Ithal


                                                      Brandi Ithal





                               (IV)  Robert Allen McMaster

                                       b.Apr.27,1971 in Sandwich, IL



                                   (IV) Jamie Lynn McMaster

                                          b.Aug.5,1977 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m.Nov.10,1997 in Sycamore, IL            (D, remained together)

                                              Ron Grinka

                                              b.Sept.8,1975 in Mendota, IL



                                              Children of Jamie and Ron Grinka


                                            (V)    Brook Rene Grinka

                                                      b.Jan3,1998 in Mendota, IL


                                            (V)    Kelsey Lynn Grinka

                                                      b. April 27,2001


(V)      Rachael Eran Grinka

                                                      b. February 17, 2003





                                     Child of James McMaster and Jolene Reinbolt


                               (IV)    Lindsey Jolene McMaster

                                          b. June 4,1982 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m. Sept. 10, 2005

                                              Chad Michael Krywaruchka

                                               b. Mar. 7, 1981 in Columbus, MT

















                    Step-children of James and children of Janet McMaster


                                          Shannon  Bracketlyson

                                          b.Sept.20,1976 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m. April 18,1998 in LaSalle Co., IL      (D)


                                          Michael Parham

                                          July 25,1976



                                               Children of Shannon and Michael Parham


                                                      Kayleigh Layne Parham

                                                      b.Mar.26,1996 in Ottawa, IL



                                                      Derek Michael Parham

                                                      b.Nov.5,1997 in Ottawa, IL


                                                      Timothy James Parham

                                                      b.Nov.28,2001 in Ottawa, IL




                                          Jennifer Bracketlyson

                                          b.Nov.28,1977 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m. July 4,2002 in Las Vegas, NV


                                             Christopher Clausel

                                             b.Aug.19,1975  in Aurora, IL



                                          Jeremy Bracketlyson

                                          b.Mar.19,1981 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m.  date unk

                                                Crystal Albright

                                                b. unk


                                                 Child of Jeremy and Crystal Bracketlyson


                                                            Nelson Bracketlyson

                                                            b. Jan. 26, 2001







                  III. Richard Henry McMaster

                        b. May 1,1950 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.Oct.14,1966 in Lancaster, MO.                   (D)

                           Terry Martin

                           b.Sept.16,1950 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.(2)Dec.21,1979 in Morristown, TN            (D)

                            Sherry Gail McDaniels

                            b. July 31,1957 in Morristown, TN

                        m.(3)Feb.12,1983 in Morristown, TN             (D)

                             Donna Arwood

                             b.Sept.20,1959 in Morristown, TN

                       m.(4)Oct.1995 in Morristown, TN                 (D)

                               Sherry Gail McDaniels McMaster

                               b. July 31,1957 in Morristown, TN

                       m.(5)July 8,1996 in Gatlingburg, TN              (D)

                                Aletha Rhorda  Wilder Barton

                                b.Mar.26,1958 in Hamlin Co., TN

                      m.(6)Nov. 21, 2002 in Gatlinburg, TN

                                 Emma Ruth Hancock Cross

                                b. Nov. 26, 1967 in Cookevile, TN




                                    Children of Richard and Terry McMaster


                                (IV)   Richard Henry McMaster, Jr.

                                          b. June 16,1967 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m.Aug.,16,1986 in Morristown, TN                      (D)

                                            Nancy Moore

                                            b. unk

                                          m.(2)Sept..17,1984 in Pigeon Forge, TN

                                                Melissa Kaye Jones

                                                b.Feb.23,1969 in Logansport, IN


                                               Stepchild of Richard Jr., and child of Melissa McMaster


                                                      Jessica Lynne Belcher

                                                      b.Oct.10,1990 in Greeneville, TN

                                                      m. Oct.24, 2016

                                                            Jeremiah Westburg

                                                            b. Mar.27, 1981









                                 (IV)  Kelly Jean McMaster

                                          b.Sept.5,1968 in Sandwich, IL

                                          m.Sept.27,1986 in Morristown, TN                         (D)

                                             Donnie Holt

                                             b. July 17,1962

                                          partner;1989                                                              (dissolved)

                                            Gerald Armstrong

                                             b. Mar. 21, 1964

                                             d. Nov. 18, 2004

                                          m.(2)Dec.31,1996 in Pigeon Forge, TN

                                            Clinton Harold Estes

                                            b.Aug.26,1964 in Hamblin Co. TN


                                             Children of Kelly McMaster and Gerald Armstrong. Adopted  by                     

                                                                                                                               Clinton Estes

                                             (V)    Jessica Kaysee Armstrong Estes ( twin)   

                                                       b. June 9,1990 in Knoxville, TN


                                             (V)    Charles Storm Armstrong Estes ( twin)

                                                       b. June 9,1990 in Knoxville, TN

                                                       m. Dec.4, 2010 in Morristown, TN

                                                           Brittany Renea Wellman

                                                           b. Nov. 30, 1989


                                          Child of Charles and Brittany Armstrong


                                                    (VI)  Fitzwilliam Cash Armstrong

                                                            b. Oct. 24, 2013


                                                    Stepchild of Kelly and child of Clinton Estes;


                                                        Jarid Estes

                                                        b.Aug..31,1990 in Greensville, TN









                                   (IV) Julie Ann McMaster

                                           b.Aug.29,1970 in Sandwich, IL

                                           d. Oct.14, 2007 in Shabbona, IL

                                           m. date unk                                                             (D)

                                              Scott Robertson

                                              b. date unk

                                           m.(2) Dec.15,1998 in Sycamore, IL

                                              James Schulz

                                              b. date unk


                                       Child of Julie and adopted by Scott Robertson;


                                          (V)      Ashleigh McMaster  Robertson (A)

                                                      b.Dec.9,1988 in Sandwich, IL

                                                      m. Aug. 8, 2015 in Elburn, IL

                                                          Tom Russell

                                                          b. Aug. 21, 1972


                                                          Child of Ashleigh Robertson


(VI)        Katlin Leeann Robertson

             b. Oct. 30,2007 in DeKalb, IL


Stepchild of Ashley and child of Tom Russell


           Zackary Russell

            b. June 21, 1996


                                                  Child of Julie McMaster


                                          (V)      Adrienna  Tierstan McMaster

                                                      b. July 27,1996 in Aurora, IL

                                                      partner: Patrick Turner II


                                                   Children of Adrienna McMaster and Patrick Turner III


                                               (VI)      Abbigal Rose Turner

                                                             b. Feb. 21, 2016 in Elgin, IL


                                               (VI)      Patrick Eugene Turner III

                                                            b. June 14, 2018


                                                  Child of Julie and James Schulz;


                                           (V)     Anna Marie Schulz

                                                      b.Mar.14,1999 in Sandwich, IL


                                              Step-children of Julie and children of James Schulz;


                                                      Ashley Nicole Schulz

                                                      b. May 14,1989


                                                      Kristina Michele Schulz

                                                      b. May 6,1991


                                                      David James Schulz



                                                      Elizabeth Katherine Schulz


































                          (IV)   Clifford Glenn McMaster

                                    b.Sept.2,1971 in Sandwich, IL

                                    m.Nov.11,1989 in Plano, IL               (D)

                                       Katleen Glover


                                    m. (2)July 31, 2011 in Sandwich, IL

                                       Kathy Jean Pishotta Smith

                                       b. July 31, 1956 in Chicago, IL


                                               Stepchildren of Clifford and children of Kathy McMaster


                                              Kelly Jean Smith

                                              b. July 13, 1978


                                                         Child of Kelly Smith


                                                            Alyson Nicole Smith

                                                            b. June 16, 2004


                                             Randy Robert Smith

                                              b. Feb. 5, 1981


                                             Courtney Marie Smith

                                             b. Oct. 9, 1985

                                             m. July 22, 2017

                                                 Joshua Kay

                                                 b. Sept. 1, 1984

                                                          Children of Courtney Smith


                                                           Damien Michael Sonne-Preuss

                                                           b. Oct. 7, 2005


                                                           Jersie Marie Sonne-Preuss

                                                           b. Oct. 10, 2007


                                                  Children of Courtney and Joshua Kay


                                                           Kylee Jade Kay

                                                           b. Nov. 12, 2015


                                                           Asher Owen Kay

                                                           b. Nov. 17, 2016


                                                           Preslin Nash

                                                           b. Aug. 27, 2018



                           Stepchildren of Courtney and children of Joshua Kay



                                       Masen Kay

                                       b. Sept. 14, 2015


                                       Colen Kay

                                       b. Oct. 10, 2010


                                       Landen Kay

                                      b. Dec. 18, 2012















               (III)  Mark Louis McMaster

                        b.Dec.20,1960 in Sandwich, IL

                        m.May25,1984 in Plano, IL                               (D)

                           Nancy Reed

                           b. Sept. 16,1960 in Aurora, IL

                        m.(2) June 20,1987 in Sandwich, IL


                        Theresa Fay Davis

                        b. April 20,1965 in Pana, IL


                               Child of Mark and Theresa McMaster


                                (IV)   Mark Louis Eugene McMaster         (A)

                                          b.Aug.8,1997 in Mount Vernon, IL























































This book is the genealogy line of  William Henry and Mary Louise

Gregory McMaster. Included is information received from family members and from a Coleman genealogy shared by Mrs. W. W. Woodbury of Sandwich, Illinois.

                                    She shared a bit of the Coleman’s history with me:


                                    Their (the Coleman family) first visit to the area was in the fall of 1800. They were on a hunting trip around Lake Michigan where they met the Pottawattomies. Others returned to Ohio, but Coleman  stayed the winter with Chief Spotka near  Chicago. He married   Pokanoka, Spotka’s daughter. She is buried near Ottawa. They had  2 sons and 5 daughters. Chief Shabbona’s first wife is buried in the Grove. After the Blackhawk War, Shabbona returned home to DeKalb County. Tecumseh, chief of the Shawenee Indians was slain  in Canada September 1813. Shabbona returned, never again to war. Between 1835 and 1849 he was not at the Grove for his permanent home. He accompanied  others to the reservation in 1837.                                                             


                                    Mary Louise Gregory McMaster reported being related to Chief Shabbona, but was not sure in what way, and was always sorry not to have proof of the relationship. How happy she would have been to have the privilege of this information I was given . If she would have communicated with the other members of her family, she could have known so many facts she wanted to know . I hope this will help us to realize there is family around us, if we just look.





            Thank you for all the help and information given to me by so many McMasters







            Written and complied by Vivian Mall McMaster.

              September 22, 2002         Updated   Oct. 2012

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